Sunday, October 5, 2008

6 Remarkable Things?

Nichole came up with some interesting personal facts, and then kindly tagged me to do the same. Im supposed to come up with 6 Remarkable things about myself, and since Im an over-sharer by nature, there isnt really much I can think of that is remotely entertaining or original. I will do my best...sorry if this is disappointing.

1. I LOVE to sew. And no, Im not good at it. Forget zippers, sleeves, or anything except baby blankets/squares for that matter. I have long wanted to take a sewing class, but alas...I have no sewing machine. My secret dream is to design and sew my own clothes. Maybe ill do a project and post the sad results.

2. Gabe just told me to post that Im an EXCELLENT mother. Direct quote: "Honey you ARE! Brigitte is always dressed SO CUTE!" So there it is, apparently all it takes to be the worlds best mom, is the ability to snap a onesie.

3. I cant wear flats. I love them, they are adorable, they make my legs look like shorty tree trunks.

4. I want to adopt MOST of my children.

5. There are very few things in life that cant be cured with TV shows on DVD and a bag of trolli sour gummy beans. This combination has gotten me through my lowest lows. If you cant get your hands on a new pair of jeans or a new haircut - its the next best thing. I highly recommend it.

6. I talk way too much. This is only remarkable because I find it shocking that anyone can tolerate my friendship. Thanks you guys :)

* I tag: Shelley Beal, Sherry Crandall, Sarah Aller (only because I bet you HATE these!), Emily B, Megan Nasman, Larissa, Casey Vehar, and Chelsey MacFarland.


johnandcourtney said...

I think you are pretty remarkable... and I am a little surprised to hear you sew...amazing...the domestic gene was completely lost on me.

The Cannons said...

I totally didn't know you loved to sew. That is cool. I want to get a sewing machine and try to learn again. I made some completely tragic outfits in 4H. I looked them up on craigslist just the other day and there's a lot of them but I don't know which kind to get or really anything about it at all.

Oh and we love that you love to talk. You are highly entertaining.

jayna said...

What about your ability to purchase jeans? I find that remarkable. Also, your expertise in fashion and make-up is quite remarkable. AND the fact that you were able to slam your own hand in the car door...REMARKABLE! ;)

And your sewing skills have come a long way since childhood. I bet you don't even have to use scotch tape anymore, like with the Barbies!

erin said...

you are so cute. I love to sew. I too can sew squares on baby blankets. Totally boss! I have made pj bottoms...look out. Anyway I have a question for you. On a recent post you did " are you feeling crafty?" Okay i love the black and whites.Thats what we want in our house. Did you just blow up different pictures in different sizes? are they on canvas or some type of thick board or are they regular pics?

Jamie said...

I agree completely with the notion that TV shows on DVD and candy can get you through anything. Sickness, depression, anything. Oh thank heaven.