Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baby coupons in Action - AND A NEW BLOG

So I just hit walmart with my $30 worth of baby formula checks along with 4 coupons from my good coupon bud Emily...and this was the outcome:

4 sticks of deodorant @ .19 ea
6 bars Olay soap @ .48 ea
2 Olay body washes @ $1.50 ea
6 cans of formula - FREE  plus I made $4.98 (each can costs $4.17, And I took in $5 coupons!)
3 pack of tights for Brigitte
Spray Crisco

My total would have been $52.83 but instead it was $10! Im working on getting our year supply done so all the soaps and things went in the closet. 


*Thanks again for the coupons Em - so awesome!*

So I have found a couple of other awesome coupon crazies here in Boise and they had the brilliant idea of making a new blog for all of their excellent saving adventures.  If you too have the coupon fever or if the scary economy crunch has you wanting to stretch your dollars better, check it out:


Heather Wheeler said...

Awesome Christy! Were you using online printable coupons or newspaper coupons. I am very interested in the Deodarant... thats a screamin' deal!

erin said...

okay you are amazing. Too bad all your saving is with baby formula and we's got no kid here. But all your other saving is awesome.

Diana & CJ said...

Who doesn't like to save a little dough. Nice work.

Joanie said...

Darn that Heather, she beat me to ask the question. How'd you score your deodorant? You've got to post that deal. You're awesome!

Anna Beal said...

Holy CRAP Christy! You are the WO-MAN!!!! You need to help me out with that.

Vehar Family said...

I don't know how you find the time to figure all this out, but I need to learn! It's all a little confusing, but seems to be worth it!!! We're glad to have you back on our blog, we've missed your comments! You're like the only one who every does! So, thank you! :)

The Cannons said...

That's awesome. You could also be really bad and take the formula you bought at Fred Meyer and return it at Wal-mart and make like 40 bucks. I'm not sure if they sell the little cans though.

p.s. Don't you know how to make a link. Seriously you're like the blog master. Come on!

Ryan & Martha said...

Can you use more than one similac/enfamil check per transaction...or did you have to do separate transactions for each can?

Anonymous said...

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