Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do you have a baby?

Here is a thought on using your baby formula coupons - 

If you are breastfeeding exclusively like I am, but you still get billions of baby formula coupons in the mail like I do - and you dont want to throw them away because its free money....here is what you can do to get free groceries with them:

1. Total the amount you have in coupons (lets say $40 like my picture, thats 8 coupons)
2.  Go to the baby food aisle and throw 8 of the smallest/cheapest cans they have in your cart (Fred meyer sells tiny cans of condensed liquid formula for around $4.50 ea but im sure you can find even cheaper ones at walmart)
3. The total cost of your formula will be $36.00
4. Now you have $4 free to spend on whatever else you want! 
5. Throw the extra items in your cart (Like two boxes of wipes) and head to the check out
6. The checker scans all your items and you hand in the coupons and VIOLA - you owe NOTHING!

Then I suggest selling the cans of formula on craigslist. Even if you sell them for $1 each (thats $8 free to you) you get money for free and help out a mom who would have had to pay a lot more at the store!

You can sign up for free formula coupons at the enfamil, good start, and similac websites. I get at least 4 coupons a month from various brands. And sometimes they send me checks for up to $11.00 off - SCORE!

Here is a link to help you to sign up for all 3: 


Nichole said...

You are so thrifty now! I love all the tips! I wish food cost less here. Even good deals for up here are bad still expensive. have you gone to www.pinchingyourpennies.com ? I used to use it all of the time, its great. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Erin Boyle said...

You are the queen of deals! I love it!!!

Heather & Dave said...

No way! That's great! I just recently bought my first can of formula since my supply has been going down and I was worried Molly wasn't getting enough to eat... anyways, I got to use of of those checks, but I didn't even think about selling formula...that is an excellent idea! I haven't been getting as many coupons lately though, and when I do, they're for really low ammounts. My theory is that the companies want to hook you on their product at the beginning (with the $11 coupons and free diapers and bottles) and then stop sending the coupons around 9 months in hopes you keep buying their stuff. The gerber coupons I get went from like $1 an item, to now $0.50 off when you buy 2...what the!!!! My diapers used to be like $1.50 off a pack of huggies and I haven't seen one of those bad boys in months! Keeo the thrifty ideas coming...I love a good deal ;) ps-kiss and squeeze your sweet pea from me! Can't wait to meet your little doll!

Joanie said...

Good Tip! Hey you'd be welcome to join Tamra, Heather and I in our rookie couponing efforts. We can add you as an author on our krazycouponlady blog. I just need your email. The more of us that can help each other save money, the better!

Heather Wheeler said...

Hey Christy,
I just saw the comment you left on my blog... I don't check it super often, as you can probably tell. You really are the queen of good deals. Have you been doing this long?
Yeah, I remember Joanie saying something about Tamra and your husband, but it gets even more confusing because Tamra's husband went to school with Brittany Iverson's husband, and I think a few other weird connections... anyways, It definitely is a crazy small world, and it gets even smaller when you factor in mormons and blogs! So, I am very curious about the weekly deals you get emailed to you. Are you considering posting on our coupon blog? So, do you mostly just find good deals, or are you using coupons also? It's very interesting to see how people figure it out differently!! Okay, sorry for the novel.