Sunday, November 23, 2008

Early Christmas Surprise

Well it finally happened. Thanks to my awesome post-pregnancy body...I've been reduced to *Gasp* WORKING OUT.

Now our dreams of looking like THIS can FINALLY be a reality.

The Only catch of course....

Is physically getting on this machine and STAYING on it for more than 2 minutes at a time, and more than once every year.

Its going to be a challenge. But desperate for these desperate measures!

WOW. Thanks Sherry Claus!!! Gabe and I CAN NOT believe what a nice elliptical you got us. I've never seen such a beautiful machine!

We are going to be SO good Looking next year! 


johnandcourtney said...

Wow....that is a gorgeous piece of machinery. Jana Fonda watch out.

The Cannons said...

Hooray for you guys. You've been wanting one of those. Good luck with the exercising.

Anna Beal said...

SO Jealous! I've wanted one of those like...4-EV-R!! I actually don't have ANY room for one so it would kind of be a pointless gift for me...but YAY to YOU! Have fun gasping for breath :>

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

Don't do don't need to. If I didn't need to you couldn't PAY me to hop on one of those monsters...ever. But, I suppose I will be supportive and cheer you on in your endeavors...That said, does Sherry want to ship it on over to my house??
Miss you guys!