Friday, November 14, 2008

Sharing the Love

Sorry for all my awesome posts lately. It must be "The Secret" working in my life again...but another too good to be true discount has found its way into my hands. Have you ever heard of Me neither. But I got a discount code and tried it out, and now Im hooked! DONT PAY FULL PRICE EVER AGAIN when you go out to eat! So here is the deal:
  • Go to
  • Enter your zip code
  • Choose the gift certificate amount you wish to buy, click checkout
  • Enter the word DESSERT
  • Be amazed
Example: So I clicked on purchasing a $100 gift certificate to the Melting Pot downtown. It regularly would only cost me $40 on this site. Thats pretty dang good. But I entered my coupon word DESSERT and my cost dropped to $12.00. WHAT? SERIOUSLY! Awesome.

* LAME ALERT* Small update - I posted this before I realized there was a minimum purchase requirement. You have to have a bill of at least $200 before you can redeem your $100 off. So I guess this site is only cool if you are a high roller or eat out in very large groups. There are some $10 dollar off coupons for .90 cents with a $20 minimum purchase requirement - so thats like eating 20 bucks worth of thai food and paying $10.90 for it. I guess it is still a discount.

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