Thursday, November 13, 2008

*Free Free Free*

To all of you who missed Oprah yesterday, I have a bit o' information for you. If you go to and search for "Snapfish" you can click on the link and it will take you to the snapfish website...where you will get a FREE FREE FREE 8x11 photo book. Thats 20 pages you can customize for ZERO ZILCH NADA dollars. What a bargain. My sister in law Anna called to remind me about it today and I hurried up and logged in and got started. On the Oprah show she said we only had 48 hours to act on the offer, but on the snapfish website it says we have till sunday to get the book ordered. So Im guessing you have to login and get started before tomorrow afternoon, but you dont have to be finished making it till sunday. Anyway...these are fun. TAKE ADVANTAGE. 

And Thanks Oprah. 


Anna Beal said...

I just ordered my book. Yay! I guess it isn't completely free, because you do have to pay shipping, but it was $6.99 and such a good deal. Thanks a ton Oprah!!!

Crandall Family said...

I just finished and ordered my book! Thanks for letting me know!!! A great buy for $6.99.

Diana & CJ said...

Wow! What two great deals you've coem upon. I love stuff like this. ANd the eating out thing, is rad, even though I'm not a high roller. Thanks man!