Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Miracle For Sweet Baby Mia

So maybe you've all noticed my new blinkie button on the sidebar of my blog. Maybe you've even checked out the story behind it. IF not, now is the time to go meet the amazing baby Mia.

John and Mimi met and fell in love at Ricks college. (Mimi was Bffs with my roommate Jenn Storey, so I got to know her a little bit.) They married and started a family. One 5 year old boy, and one 3 year old girl later...they found out they were having baby number 3. Another little girl.

But sadly there was devastating news in store. About 4 months ago, BABY MIA was born with ATRIAL STENOSIS, which is a very serious heart defect. Basically, their tiny newborn is in dire need of a lifesaving heart transplant. Now, they are praying for a miracle.

In order to be put on the donor list, the McDonalds have to have $450,000 in the bank to cover the surgery. That is a HUGE number. They need our help. PLEASE do what you can, even if it is $1.00.

Any fundraiser ideas are greatly NEEDED, and there are a few already floating out there on the blogworld. My good friend Nichole is making and selling holiday banners with all proceeds going to baby Mia. See her blog for details :

If nothing else, please put a baby Mia blinkie on your page to help spread the word to your friends.



jayna said...

Chris, add an extra 0 to that amount! It was just brought to my attention that in my email I accidentally typed "$45,000" instead of the real amount "450,000"!! Quite a difference!! Anyone who visits her site though will see the correct amount needed. just a heads up! Thanks for doing this!

Anna Beal said...

That is so sad. You know what is even sadder?? The fact that people need that much money to have and option to live.

Jamie said...

I'm adding a blinkie to our blog(s), and I'll see what else I can do.