Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do you have a Heart?

The Crandall Girls (Jayna, Sherry, Christy) are going to put on a charity event to raise money for Baby Mia and we need your donations ! Im talking about that old trike in your garage, those books that live under the bed, and the summer clothes that are outgrown. What about you specially skilled types that fashion binky clips, hair bows, tutus, and diaper cases??? We'll gladly take them off your hands! We need any and all of the following items:
  • Baby and kid's clothing, shoes, and accessories
  • Handcrafted baby/kid AND home decor items
  • Books, toys, videos, etc.
We will be happy to pick up any and all items locally donated, so spread the word to your families, churches, neighbors, and stores. (For those of you living in Utah, there is someone coming to Boise and she can bring your donations to us, so email me for her information.)

Then will all these fabulous donations, we will be hosting an unbelievable childrens resale event with ALL PROCEEDS being given to the McDonald family to help out with baby Mia's expenses. Stay tuned for the when and where..

*We will be taking your donations until NOVEMBER 26TH*
(If you would like to be extra helpful, and pass out flyers in your neighborhood, let me know and I will bring you some! We need all the publicity we can get!)


Whitney said...

Hey I don't have your email, but when is that person from utah going to Boise? I would love to help out and send some things up. Email me

Nichole said...

Fabulous idea! I wish I would have known two hours ago! Justin just left for Utah. Maybe I can send some stuff anyway. Good luck!

Anna Beal said...

I will totally pass out flyers, just let me know when. I'd be happy to help in anyway possible. Also, I couln't get the baby Mia widget, where did you find it?

Julia & Darren said...

Well you can't count on the Utah girls, I'll round up some stuff this weekend and cordinate the boise trip with you.

Heathee said...

Hi, I was told to go to your blog to read about Baby Mia. I'd love to help and donate items. Is the McDonald family living in Boise? I'm YW Pres. in my ward and we'd love to help create and gather items to sell to benefit this cause. Please let me know how we can most help. Thank you. I'll be adding the blinkie to my blog after I know a little more and can help inform others as to how they can help.

Joanie said...

Long story, but that last comment was actually from me. Brittney could tell you all about it, but I accidentally commented from my friend Heather's fake blog. Please let ME know how I can help. Thanks.
Joanie Demer

Heather Wheeler said...

Hey Christy, it's the real Heather Wheeler. This whole fake blog thing is out of control! :)
Well I don't have a lot of things to donate because I have a problem getting rid of things as soon as I don't need them, but I would love to find a way to help. I would be happy to take flyers, or help sort stuff once you have it, or whatever. Let me know what you need, and I will keep trying to spread the word. Good Luck!