Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back from the dead

After 2 weeks of hacking, stuffy, sleepless nights...I am starting to come out of the fog. I finally went BACK to a different Doctor and she bless her soul prescribed me antibiotics, an expectorant, AND an inhaler. Im feeling drastically improved but still not 100%. I warn you now: my house is a hot zone. If you come near us...you WILL get sick!

Brigitte is still running intermittent fevers and so help me the child has produced enough snot to rival the best of them. She has the same barking cough that I do, but hers makes her cry when she hears it! As if being sickly wasnt tough enough on her, she has cut her two bottom teeth this week! Now shes a little vampire and I have to say, her nursing days are coming to a drastic halt.
We made it 7 months. I think that counts as a victory.

Jory has been kind enough to come and take Brigitte for the day both yesterday and today, allowing to me catch up on some housework and much needed sleep. Youd think id be thrilled with all the relaxation and quiet and quickly lapse into a coma. However, lying in bed for a bit whilst watching food network - has led me to think obsessively about how good some salty tater tots sound, and now Im fighting the urge.

Now it pains me to tell you that Gabe is going to come home and find me blissfully covered in shiny tot grease with a catsup mustache....it cant be helped.


Anna Beal said...

You are just too funny Christy! I hope you all get better soon.

Dallas and Brittney said...

I'm sorry you guys are sick. It's no fun. Thank you so much for for putting me on your blog. I really appreciate it. Here is a link to my website. http://www.lebebebabyboutique.com/

erin said...

umm i like me some tots and catsup. SOrry youve all been sick. Do get better soon.

Random question? do you my friend ashley (pickles and mustard)? She is so fun. And is Seiously so blessed your friend? Ive seen this blog on lots of other blogs too...random i know just wondering

erin said...

um bytheway I really meant to say "DO YOU KNOW MY FRIEND" not "do you my friend"...but im guessing you figured out what i wanted to say. It makes me very happy you guys are new friends. BOth of you are hiliarious and beautiful so that my friend makes for a great friendship!