Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HBO heard from me today

For starters, I would just like to say how badly I despise HBO. We aren't subscribers, and for good reason. The last thing I want is for my child to someday click on the TV and see a plethora of nudity and sexual encounters and hear a variety of colorful swear words. In fact, I block pretty much every channel that seems even remotely shady. I dont even want to see dirty pay per view titles when Im flipping through my guide. In essence, Im obsessed with finding and eliminating bad channels and shows from our tv.

So I had no idea.

Ive never watched BIG LOVE. Of course, Ive heard of it (havent we all?) but I didnt give it much thought since we dont come across it in our daily lives. I dont even know anyone who does watch it. But my sister forwarded me an email with some pretty disturbing info in it. Apparently BIG LOVE is airing a show on March 15th with scenes from a recreated Endowment Ceremony. They have hired excommunicated members to come and offer their 'expertise' on wardrobe and room details, in hopes of accurately depicting the insides of the Temple. WHAT?

You can go here to read the article in the Salt Lake Tribune. It has the details.

I am so sick of the media confusing or blurring the lines between Polygamist sects and the LDS faith. It just makes me crazy. Believe me when I tell you, Im the ONLY wife my husband can handle :) I dont wear my hair in a crazy french braid that reaches my butt, and I certainly dont live in a gated community that produces child brides. And correct me if Im mistaken....but none of you other LDS women do either.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
has NOTHING to do with the themes and issues depicted on BIG LOVE.

Well - Time to stand for truth and righteousness friends.
Please raise your voices of concern and let HBO/Time Warner know that they are crossing a line with this episode. (nicely, of course :) It doesnt have to be long and wordy, just a simple note of outrage will do.

Air your Grievances Appropriately Here


The Cannons said...

I let them hear from me. Good work Christy.

Anna Beal said...

Ok you...I have voiced my Opinion to them. Thanks for the info. Amen to all that you said on this post.

Brittany Iverson said...

I really liked the response the church issued here:


Thanks for your post.

Brittany Iverson said...

P.S. I just sent a message, thanks for the link.

megan&steve said...

Thanks for the link, I posted a comment quickly! I hope you are feeling better!

johnandcourtney said...

I just gave opinion. Thanks for providing the link.