Monday, March 2, 2009

Doctor Follow up Chat

So this morning I called back to the Primary Health clinic and asked to speak with Debbie, the clinic supervisor. I shared with her my experience from Saturday and thankfully she was extremely apologetic and very nice about the whole thing. She even told me she would ask a different Dr. to look over my chart and call me in a prescription if he thought I needed it. ( He called me back and said based on the Nurse practitioners notes it looked like I had a virus and therefore did not think an antibiotic would help me. He said that without assessing me himself, all he could do was go off the notes he had. Which was fine, my beef was not the antibiotic so much as the bedside manner of the NP). It would have been a completely different story if the NP had nicely said "well it looks like you have a virus and there isnt much I can do" instead of "you should have known better than to waste my time"

Anyway, Debbie took down a written statement and told me she was submitting it directly to his main supervisor. I don't know what will happen from here, but Im hoping he gets spoken to and disciplined for his deplorable temper and condescending speech. 

Just in case NOTHING happens through his place of business, I am writing a letter directly to the board of nursing so there is documentation there at that level. As a nurse, I am ashamed of this man representing my field and hope someone does something about it.  I dont care how overworked or underpaid the guy is - there is no excuse for treating patents the way he did. 

I just wonder... would he have acted that way if my husband had been in the room with me??? 

Maybe some of you think I am overreacting. And honestly, a few years ago I would have been too shy or embarrassed to speak up or defend myself. But I feel like if nobody says anything or does anything then this guy will get to spread his "god complex" all around. And I just dont want to pay money to be told I am a waste of time. And I dont think anyone else should either. 


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

you go girl!

Anna Beal said...

Amen to that! I am way to "nonconfrontational" to speak up. Good for you.

SugarHouse Mama said...

I say do it! I had a bad experience with a Dr lately too. I asked them to test my daughter (recently adopted from AFRICA) to test for parasites, worms, etc. And they said ok, collect a stool sample. So I did. When the results came back, they tested it for Salmonella and that's it. I was P-Oed, for sure. I have this grand vision of me purging worms from her system on my own and taking them to the clinic (in like a jar or something) and handing them to the doctor and saying thanks for your help. If my life were a movie or TV show it would play out that way.

Jennifer said...

Umm, I love you! Work it!

Vehar Family said...

We had to get caught up on you guys! Living the country life makes internet/blogging impossible! It's too bad you had such a horrible experience being sick lately AND having to deal with someone like that. Hopefully you all feel better! You are quite the fashionista! I enjoyed reading all of your commentary and also loved being reminded of your fairytale wedding. Your pictures are so fun!

Joby, Julie, and Cru said...

To bad you don't live next to mexico anymore. Joby and I cross the border every year to stock up on "amoxacilliana"