Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sick and Angry

Well today I had a very interesting slash infuriating trip to a doc in the box. Which one you ask? The one on Overland/Maple Grove. I beg you, avoid this location at all costs. WHY you ask? let me explain....

Yesterday after attending a funeral for a friend from high school I started feeling sick. Id love to tell you this was a shock, but after weeks of visiting my various family members who were all battling the plague, and trying to keep our children apart, I figured it was only a matter of time before we were stricken down in my house. Brigitte has had a stuffy/runny nose for the past week, and lo and behold I contracted a sinus infection.

Now, having been afflicted all the days of my youth with FREQUENT bouts of both strep throat AND Sinusitis, I truly am an expert at diagnosing my illnesses. Needless to say, I suffered through the night and woke up headed for the Primary Health clinic close by. I know from experience, that if I dont act early, I tend to get sicker and sicker and eventually break down and go to the doctor anyway. Hoping to avoid a miserable week, I went in early.

Anyway, Gabe dropped me off at a very empty clinic and I was immediately checked in and sat there waiting for the Dr (Who turned out to be a Nurse practitioner). 15 minutes later he appeared. He asked the usual questions, I explained the usual symptoms. And then he said "Well, Ill go get you a nose spray." *now from this point forward, he turned into a condescending read accordingly.

Me: Uh, am I not getting an antibiotic?
Him: No.
Me: I think I need one, or Ill go home and get sicker and be back in a week with strep.
Him: We dont give out antibiotics for people who have only been sick for ONE DAY. What do you want me to do? Put out a big candy bowl at the front desk handing out antibiotics?
Me: Well why dont you write it out for monday and If im still sick Ill go get it filled then. If im better, obviously I wont go fill it.
Him: shaking his head with this ridiculous look - NO!
Me: Hey, Im a nurse, I can assess if I am sick or not, I need a prescription.
Him: Well then you should know better than to waste our time.
Me: What?
Him: Do you want the nose spray or not?
Me: Fine

And then I looked at his jacket, saw his name and said "Wow, Manny - I am NOT impressed."

And he walked out of the room with a smirk on his face. I sat there in shock and rage for about 2 seconds before I opened the door, grabbed the nurse and asked if there was another Doctor I could see. She said no, and I said ok, well, Im leaving then. And I left. ENRAGED.

Everyone I know is sick with this nasty sinus infection. Now I get to 'wait it out' taking only tylenol and sudafed (if im brave and want to risk the side effects of a lower milk supply and hyper non-sleeping child). I am so ticked that he was so rude! I have NEVER in my life had a doctor refuse to give an antibiotic. Even if what I have is a virus, the worst an antibiotic would do is have no effect. A risk I am more than willing to take I might add...But he didnt mention the word virus anyway. Its not like he said "I dont think an antibiotic will help you" - it was just NO YOU CANT HAVE ONE, YOU HAVENT BEEN SICK LONG ENOUGH? so weird.

SO I called the office and asked to speak with the Office Manager and she wasnt there. I told them I had just had a very bad experience with the Nurse practitioner and needed her to call me on monday first thing. They said she would, but ill call there if I dont hear from her.

And now I am writing a letter about him to the board of nursing.

Here is why:
In and of itself, this was an unfortunate experience, but maybe not such a big deal. EXCEPT that a few months ago my mom had almost the exact same experience with the exact same guy who had a deplorable bedside manner and treated her even worse than me. Basically she refused to leave until he wrote her a prescription for an antibiotic (which he was insistent that she did not need, even though she had been battling a sinus infection for 10 days!!!) In the end, he literally THREW the peice of paper at her and told her she was a "Drug Seeker" who was 'Abusing the system".

What a SWEAR WORD! I am so ticked off at this guy that I want him FIRED!!! At the very least, the board of nursing needs to notify him or put him on probation or SOMETHING. Where is the flippin quality control for these clinics???


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

No kidding!! That is the very scenario that Shawn and I have had at every single Doc in the Box that we've went to (so it's not just that location). That is why we have VOWED never to go to them again.

Feel free to put our names in that letter Ü

Hope you feel better soon!

Amber said...

Man I am all ticked off just by reading that. What a jerk! I'm sorry you had a dr. with "SPS". (Hopefully you know what that is kuz I am not writing that all out!!! lol) I hope you do write that letter!!! Let your Christy-Lo-Queesha come out girl!

Anna Beal said...

What a stupid stupid man :( You know, you should call Gabe's cousin (Quinton's Brother..Travis) and ask him if he'll call you in a V-Pak. I bet he totally would do that for you. I know he did for Lance. Good luck!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...
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Jami said...

ok, I blog stalk you (im a friend of Jayna) and I saw the same dr last week and i left crying he was so rude! my husband called to chew him out and he wouldnt come to the phone! We pay him!! I will NEVER go back there!

The Cannons said...

That is ridiculous that guy is on such a power trip. Maybe he should be a cop and give tickets to soccer moms to feel really good about himself. It's not like antibiotics are addictive like pain meds. That guy is an idiot. I know you will follow through with this and I'm glad because a lot of people (myself included) just get angry and do nothing. You go girl. Sorry that you are sick. Hopefully you and Brigitte get feeling better. We need to get together I don't even know what Brigitte looks like anymore. Ridiculous.

Jana said...

What an idiot! I always have bad experiences with immediate care doctors; they SO patronizing. I hope your letter works!

dawn inga said...

Reming me to NEVER get on your bad side! =). I am so happy you found my blog! Seriously though, you look FABULOUS! I really should be doing seminary grades now but your blog is more fun!

Sherry Bobbins said...

He needs fired! It's the same Dr. that I saw at Overland & Maple Grove. He's ridiculous. I did write a letter to the Board of Nursing so maybe if enough people complain in writing they will do something about him. I went a step further and called Primary Health and reported him there also. They had the nerve to tell me that maybe I shouldn't go to that clinic again. DUH! I hate that Primary Health. It should be called "Don't Bother".