Saturday, March 21, 2009


And the livin's easy! 

Gotta love a chubby baby ready for some sun! We opted for an old navy swimsuit this year, I LOVE it! (Next summer when she's walking we'll splurge on a fancy one that will get a little more use!)

She cant help being a thumbsucker. It is dang cute if you ask me!

Toes are her new favorite friends. 
Blowing bubbles. Adorable. Disgusting. We try not to indulge this one!
She'd rather eat it than wear it. 
Chunka Munka!

First pair of shorts! We couldnt resist them on her chubby legs.

Little summer dress and sweater. 
Thanks to Old Navy's ridiculous good sale, we got these all for $5!

A little bit of well deserved relaxation in the hammock. 

Precious in Pink!

And Finally,  A TRUE Glimpse into her real personality  THIS ONE SUMS HER UP COMPLETELY!!!
A little bit o' spicy.....thats our Brigitte!


jayna said...

Oh my gosh- that last one looks a bit like Caroline's wrinkled-nose face! (which looks like mine when I do it, which must look like yours, which means Brigitte looks like you!)

Very cute photo shoot sherry bobbins!

johnandcourtney said...

SO CUTE! I almost got Bella the same swimsuit, but I think I am going to opt for the yellow polka dot scandalous one....because that is just how I roll.

Nichole said...

I love it! She looks so cute! Time for Kylie to get a new suit too- Macy's from last summer still fits... (sigh)

amy said...

Brigitte is such a doll! I'm lovin' all the new summer clothes. Looks like her mom has some good taste. :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

So So Cute!! Love the summer dress and blue sweater. What a doll!

Carrie Hellewell said...

Such cute clothes. I love Old Navy. Cute clothes and cheap! How did you get her to take to thumb sucking and when did she start? I want Peter to pick up the habit. He LOVES his pacifier but it drives me insane. Did she just start sucking her thumb one day all by herself? She's so stinking cute!

Carrie Hellewell said...


Mitzi said...

So dang cute. I love her rolls. Brigitte is showing some serious baby cleavage. Too cute.

Shelley said...

Holy Schmoly I LOVE those bathing suit pictures! Those rolls,..oh those rolls! They are perfect! I see so much of Gabe in that chunky little face!

--So about my pregnancy, are so sweet to be thinking of me. So far so good,..I feel like a whale but I guess that's a part of carrying twins. And SERIOUSLY,..who created those creep feti tickers anyway!?! ;)

We all need to get together sometime!

The Fago Family said...

She is ADORABLE!!! I love the last pic... she looks like she is up to something! : ) Avy used to love the hammock! too cute!