Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So remember back around Valentines day when I did my 5 lucky giveaway winners? And the catch was they had to then give away 5 homemade items on their blog.....well.....I signed up for one and

From the talented hands of Chelsey MacFarland I bring you pictures of my BRAND NEW, super cute, much needed, bit of stylish HOME DECOR! Who doesnt love a little fab vinyl lettering on a huge expensive tile???

This baby now sits front and center on our kitchen table. Can I just say - WOW CHELSEY! First off kudos for the brilliant idea, and second for the huge amount of generosity! I can only imagine how much it was to ship this baby!  You are too awesome. My home and my visual senses THANK YOU. You really outdid this giveaway. 

And for my dear friends Jan and Whitney , Nichole, Chelsey, and Emily...I havent forgotten you. You WILL receive your freebie sometime in 2009. I promise! (but dont get your hopes up that it will be anywhere as cool as THIS ONE! (sorry, Im just not that talented.)



Nichole said...

Very nice! I have been thinking a lot about what I need to send out for people. I have been storing up items and they should go out soon!

Di said...

You are lucky

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

So glad you like it!!!
AND...I'm glad you had a black eisel that was large enough; I almost sent one with it, but figured you had one.

AND, yes- we definitely should do dinner with the Cannons. That would be fun!

Nichole said...

And, yes I made those skirts! They were very fun!

Mimi said...

He he... I haven't made mine either. I knew I shouldn't have committed to such craftiness. My mom is coming next week... maybe she can bail me out ;-)

I am sure my people are thinking I'm lame! It's OK though because I don't know a single one of them. Maybe that post should magically disappear... JUST KIDDING!