Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bugsy Malone

This past weekend our little family headed to the farm for a special treat involving witness to a BUGSY MALONE musical put on by the local high school.

Keaton and Kelsey beal *Actors Extraordinaire * dazzled us with their vocal talents and riveted us with their bo-jangles dance moves. These kids got talent! Brigitte especially enjoyed the performance and sat on my lap mesmerized the whole time!

Gabe and I were blown away by Keaton's secret hidden talent of dislocating his neck whilst walking, and Kelsey's soloist vocal chords of steel - I still cant believe she hit those high notes! Thanks for entertaining us you two - and we can't wait for your encore next year!

Brigitte enjoyed hanging out with her baby cousin Bree (or "Darla" from little rascals if you prefer...) and we loved getting to squeeze a baby that didnt try to scalp us or scratch our eyes out. Ah, how we miss the stage of hand uncoordination!

We ate, and ate, and ate. Gabe branded some cows, I read some Harry Potter. Overall it was a very relaxing trip. The best part of course is always the conversation and boy did we hit some hilarious subjects. To protect the speakers of the following phrases, I wont name names. But these are some hi-lights (or is it high-lights?) from our table-side chats:

"Boy do men have to bridle their passions! They have to stay away from affairs, pornography (a brief thoughtful pause...) farm animals..."

"Next year it will be interesting to see who gets the lead in the play. I think they are doing "annie get your gun" and well, its not like they can both get the lead parts, because then they have to KISS." As someone was leaving they shouted out to the family "See you later! I cant wait to see you guys in Annie get your incest on!"

Man, do I love visits to Arco. NEVER a dull moment!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

It's hi-light.

And I love that picture of your cute baby!! What a DOLL!

Christy Beal said...

Thanks! I didnt know if that just applied to hair dye :)

Mitzi said...

Oh man it looks like we missed out. Brie looks totally different in that picture. Babies grow up too fast.