Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Brigitte!


* Thanks Myca for the awesome photography session* 

I can't believe its been a year since I looked like this:

And I can't believe my sweet baby girl has changed so much from the first day I saw her!


One week old

2 weeks old

2 months old

3 months old

6 months old

9 months old


Brigitte is the apple of our eyes. She has the MOST hilarious personality that has been showing more and more the past few months. She took her first steps a week ago (video to come) and is already getting into more trouble climbing stairs and eating kitty food than I can handle!

When she is eating something by herself - like a cracker - she holds it to her nose to 'smell' it. Then she holds it out to YOUR nose so YOU can smell it! 

When you ask her what a little indian says she pats her mouth with her hand and says: wa wa wa wa wa wa!

When you hand her the blanket animal thing that she sucks her thumb on (we call it her 'rat') she says aaaahhh and hugs it. Then she holds it out for you to give it a love too.

When I am eating something and she wants a bite, she says NO NO NO.
She LOVES to say no no no.

Her favorite game is to drop things and say UH-OH until you pick it up for her. And then she promptly drops it again.

She will call out MAMA? until I answer her "yes baby?" Same with Dada.

She can point to her nose on demand (and her finger goes right up in it!) and she is more than happy to show you where your nose (and nostrils!) are as well.

If you ask her to point to her eyes she covers them with her two chubby hands.

And best of all, every time you pick her up she squeezes you and pats your back. So precious!

She is learning to fake cry, which is hilarious. And if YOU fake cry to her she comes and lays her head on you. 

We love you Brigitte!!!! You have made our year so wonderful!!!
Happy Birthday Baby!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Happy Birthday little girl!! Although we've never met, I think you are just about the cutest thing EVER!! :)
Hope you have a fun birthday!!

{ charlotte } said...

yes baby? (that's my fav!! i try to get get brady to do that . . . :). happy birthday!! cutest post ever.

Heather said...

Ohhhh those photos are so precious! You'll always cherish them - I had goosebumps the whole time during the slideshow. You're such a cute mama, and I NEED to meet your precious ONE year old (gasp! I can't believe it's already been a year!) - Are you planning on coming to SLC anytime soon?

Caroline said...

happy birthday Brigitte! where did that year go!!? She is gorgeous guys, keep up the good work!

tyler said...

Happy 1st Birthday Fidgety Brigittey! (I thought better than to let Grace write "Hape Birfday Bitchit" on her card.)

Those train depot pics did turn out so precious!!

Jana said...

Happy birthday Brigitte! I love the list of funny things she does; what a doll!

Designing Woman said...

I can't belive that its been a year already!?!?!?! That means its been much longer since you've lived in SD. Crazy! I love stalking your blog though and seeing little brigitte grow...SO fun!

Designing Woman said...

Oh, I forgot. I did have one more comment. Did you not find the pics of your precious baby on the train tracks a little scary/creepy...they sort of freaked me out. Sorry. BUT the babe does look adorable in them :)

Vehar Family said...

Happy Birthday Brigitte! I can't believe our babies are already 1! It really does feel like yesterday when we were both pregnant still!

megan&steve said...

Happy birthday sweetheart!

The Cannons said...

She is so funny and cute. Love her.

Mimi said...

Oh Happy first birthday little one!!

She is so sweet! I love that toothy smile- it is precious. I can't believe she is one WOW. She was born on the same day as my niece Natalie. Not that you know her, or would care, but anyways....

The pictures are great!

erin said...

ONE??? well now she probably 2 because its been forever since I have been blogging. Darling little slide show! You dress her fantastic ...but did i expect anything different? nah.
Well happy birthday!

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