Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This past month has been so nuts with vacations, parties, weddings, etc...that I was having a mid-life crisis even thinking about the blog posts! Hallelujah for Gabe's email that he sent out. I am copying and pasting it here so I can finally feel the sweet relief of having documented ALL these events!!!! So read on:

Where has the summer gone! I can’t believe that it’s already mid-August. That’s crazy! Well, I’ve been meaning to get an e-mail out for quite awhile- it seems like I haven’t written one in about a year, but at least one of you guys has been with me during most of the summer activities, so I forget to write about it. Well, I’ll give you a quick rundown.

This summer has been the most fun that I’ve had since I was a young and reckless bachelor. It has just been go, go, go! I’m at work and I feel out of place. I had to introduce myself to half my staff because I’d nearly forgotten their names- it’s been awesome. I love burning my vacation hours!

Redfish absolutely lived up to its anticipation and build-up. I loved being there- it’s always the best. It was so fun to have Christy and Brigitte there- I can’t wait for next year, and I’m already mentally preparing a list of all the things I need to change since Brigitte will be climbing trees and rounding up wild game. It will be so fun. It’s crazy to think that next year will be Keaton’s last year that he’s welcome until he comes back from his mission. That makes me feel so old! I have to say that I loved the food, the campfires, the water, the biking, and of course the big fishing expedition where I drug in 6 whoppers the best.

After Redfish, we took off to Riggins, ID for Curtis’ wedding (Christy’s brother). It was so fun. We had a great hotel right off the bank of where the Little Salmon and Big Salmon come together. I tried fishing the first evening and got 1 bite, but there was just a lot of water- you could hardly get to the holes. It was a lot of fun though. We rafted down the river the next day and it was a blast. I spent most of the day in the river since my boat mates threw me in about 20
times. I got some sweet revenge though don’t you worry. The rapids were about class 2, so it was just fun- not too intense. The wedding was fun- great food, fun crowd, but the dancing was a kick. It’s not every day that you get to see Dan Crandall in a construction hat dancing to YMCA. It was pretty funny. Brigitte is a party animal! She was on my shoulders and rockin’ out like a nut. It was pretty fun. We went home the next morning through McCall and had a wonderful breakfast at the Pancake House- sooo good!

Brigitte’s birthday was next.  We were going to have a party the following weekend, but I found out that I had to go to SoCal for work and I wasn’t sure if I’d be back, so we just had it on Monday night- her actual b-day. We had our entire yard filled up with people. It was pretty fun. Brigitte got slammed with toys and gifts- thank you so much to everyone that came and brought her stuff. I have no idea where to put everything- our house is wall to wall toys. In fact, I don’t
even think we’ve finished putting everything together. The good thing is, Brigitte absolutely loves everything and is constantly banging on something and making its bells and whistles go off. Our house sounds like Santa’s workshop! We had a babysitter watch Brig last week and when we got home, she was run ragged and said “I had no idea that she had so much energy!” She is so fun- she keeps us on our toes.

So, back to work on Tuesday the 28th and I found out that I had to be to Anaheim by Thursday, so instead of flying out the next day with my co-worker, I grabbed the Fam and took off that night driving. It was so fun. We left on a whim and just had a blast. We were gone from Tuesday night until Sunday night, but I only had to take 1 vacation day because the trip was work related. We had so much fun hitting Orange County and San Diego. We hit all of our favorite shops, stores, and restaurants. Let me tell you- the sushi and “In N Out” was so fine! 

We stayed in our little condo on an air mattress and it was fun to be back. Brigitte loved the Padres game so much! Every stadium worker was going nuts over her- she got free pins, balls, etc. all night long. She loved all of the lights and the roar of the crowd and especially the fireworks- it was a good time.

Well, not much else has been going on. Last week was a blur- I can’t even remember that it happened. I can’t wait for the backpack trip later this week. I’m breaking in my boots as I speak/write. Anyway, hope all is well. Talk to you later. G


jayna said...

Brigitte is one lucky little girl- loved by all and amusing to many! You guys have had a crazy fun summer!

Jana said...

What an excellent recap by Gabe; thank goodness for copy and paste! And Brigitte's swimsuit is adorable, what a cute little beach baby!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Brigitte and the US weekly is classic!!

Darcie said...

LOVE the 1st pic- of you and Brigitte at the beach! Starting young to follow in your footsteps of relishing celebrity gossip via US magazine:)

megan&steve said...

Great update, Gabe. You guys have been super busy.