Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I know this is random...

What are your favorite websites and why? What is bookmarked, where do you browse daily, what am I missing???? I feel like everyone is always talking about some great site they visit - and I am out of the loop! take pity on me and SHARE!

Halloween was splendid. I have no photos because they were taken on Gs work camera. So just picture Brigitte looking like herself, stuffed into a lion suit. No faux mane necessary :) She had a hoot running, and I do mean running from house to house. She stopped only to grab candy, say thank you, and maybe call over the dog or cat. People totally cracked up at her. I think it might have been her hair costume.

On a hilarious or slightly humiliating note - we got some trick or treaters this year, and a lady from my ward kindly remarked at me when I opened the door "WOW! You look good with a little weight put on you!" So there you have the baby update: I look fat. She was meaning it as a compliment (right? RIGHT?) but cmon. Thems fighting words with ANY pregnant girl. I just laughed about it. Ok, I cried inside, and then put on a sweatshirt.

Hope your halloween was great, and full of fat remarks too. If not just wait, all that candy you ate might catch up to you! (Dont make me be the only one!)


Nichole said...

I can't believe someone would say that?! Ok, I am nervous to come back home because last year I had just ended a year of nursing and was super skinny. Now I am back to where I was plus a little. Can't our bodies ever just relax and stay in a good range?!?! And I am sure you don't look fat.

megan&steve said...

I mainly just check my email, your fabulous discount queens & blogs when I'm on the internet. BORING. P.s. You could never be Fat- its not in your genes. You are HOT!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

It's not one I check regularly... but I've recently discovered freecycle.net
It's like craigs list, but it's all FREE! You have to have a yahoo account to sign up for it, but I've heard that there is some pretty great stuff Ü

johnandcourtney said...

People.com, everyday, sometimes twice. Ok, three times a day. And WOW that lady needs a little toliet paper, rum and shaving cream treatment Shag-style. :)

Jamie said...

Oh I have a bunch. Some of these are only weekly or less, but there are my favs :)

baby stuff:
ohdeedoh.com (i look @ this one every day)

design stuff:
younghouselove.com (this is my fav, i check it every single day, too)

making stuff:


Jana said...

Um, we will obviously need the pictures of Brigitte-the-lion at some point, because that sounds really, really adorable. As far as websites, I definitely check people.com a couple times a day, and I love imdb.com for random movie/TV trivia or info, like when you're trying to remember where else you've seen an actor and such. It also has full-length episodes of some TV shows.