Monday, November 16, 2009

Small update

Just thought I would do a little update. Seriously, life has been pleasant and calm to an almost scary degree! We have been gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it seems like time is flying by SO FAST! Gabe hung up a few strands of red Christmas lights on the house, and he can't WAIT to get the rest of them up. I fear for my life. Someone should have warned me that I married Clark Griswald.

We let Brigitte put up her own little pink tree with pink lights the other night and she can't BELIEVE its there every morning when she comes downstairs! She exclaims with glee every time she sees it, "Oh, wow! HOT! OUCH! NONONO BABY!" And then she hugs it and tries to suck her thumb on the lights.

We have been having discipline issues with her, because she is finally doing naughty things on purpose, but she's too little to really understand discipline or apologizing. She runs up to a cousin and instead of hugging them, she pushes them over. And then says very sweetly , ohhh - YOU OK?!! Any ideas?

Time outs dont seem to phase her, although that is what we do when she does something bad. For example we were at Lee Read a while ago (the quiet, clean, diamond store....) and one minute she was playing in the toy area watching tv, and the next time I look over she has SCOOPED giant handfuls of soil out of the ginormous potted tree in the corner. She was very pleased with her mess and was sitting right IN the dirt smoothing it around the carpet with her hands, while sucking her thumb on her baby with the other. I picked her up and said OH NO brigitte, yucky! NONO! We DONT play in the DIRT! And then I sat her away from the mess against the wall. She cried just a little, then put her thumb in her mouth for a second before she pulled it out, took her baby, and sternly said to it :NONONO BABY! So there you go. She has invented her very own whipping boy in the form of her "baby". No so effective. She simply passed the punishment on!

The "baby" I am referring to is any one of 4 disgusting little blankets with part of a stuffed animal attached to it. She INHALES the satin edges while she sucks her thumb. We lovingly refer to them as "Rats" because they are so gross. Brigitte cant function without one, two, or even three babies with her at all times. She likes to round them up, stuff them places, and then rescue them for her sniffing pleasure. I dont know what Im going to do when she needs to quit sucking her thumb and have them taken away. Im hoping we can burn them soon....very very soon.

The NEW baby by the way has been being very nice to me. Already I feel like maybe there is hope that this one wont cry for hours every day. We are SO EXCITED to find out what it is. We did decide to open the news on Christmas morning so that should be fun! Our Ultrasound is on Dec. 7th, so not so much waiting left. I am certain that it is another girl (heart rate always in the 160's) but a boy would be such a fantastic surprise! We do have a boy name in mind (which is miraculous, because last time we nearly divorced over it!) But no girl name options we can agree on. Suggestions??? Either way we feel so so lucky just to be this far along without any complications or drama. Ive never had such a quiet uneventful pregnancy! Its been odd to just get ONE ultrasound! All the other times we got weekly peeks at what was going on in there. Its been hard to wonder if there really IS a baby in there at all! Thank goodness I can feel it move every now and then!

I havent had any major cravings like last time. I pretty much want to eat Taco Time burritos or pizza every day but thats sort of normal for me! I just love having a baby to blame it on now. I dont have  a REAL baby bump yet (just an enlarged fat roll), so Im still stuffing myself into my normal clothes, although I look far from great. Everything is chubbier and I just FEEL really full all the time. I hate the 4-5 month stage. Its Frump city, and my beloved jeans start to be replaced by stretchy fatty pants! Oh the joys! I cant wait until its obvious that I am pregnant. I LOVE the belly stage where all vanity is lost and you don't have to care about looking ok, because nobody cares. You are just the pregnant girl.

I wish I had some pictures, but alas, the camera is broken. Maybe if I start to feel ambitious (or if I drink ANOTHER diet coke) I can muster the energy to go to costco and exchange our broken one for a new one! Which is something Id better do before we head to Arco next wednesday! I kind of dread Thanksgiving. I hate the food ( I know I know, judge me, go ahead). But Arco is always a good time. So think of me as you are out grabbing black friday deals. I will be going round and round on a four wheeler :)

Happy ThanksGiving!


Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

Thanks for the update! Brigitte Just sounds like a toddler. She is just learning the world from her tiny little place in it...
As for Thanksgiving and the food, you know me and you KNOW I am in the same boat! We are headed to Sacramento, so no four-wheeling in our futures (unfortunately)
Also, LOVING the pink tree idea! So sweet!

Anna Beal said...

Love the pink tree! Oh and dicipline time??? Ughh. One things for sure, not everything works the same for all kids. You just have to figure out their "thing" and take it away (maybe the rat). It may cause drama, but...they "get it", hopfully causing a change in behavior. Biggest thing...stick to your guns (they see right through you).

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

OOh thanks for the update!!
I like the name Jessica for a girl. You can even call her Jessie if you want.

Myca said...

I know exactly what you mean about showing...I just feel like a fatty. You can't tell that I am pregnant...I just look like I have put on a good ten pounds....and not in a good way! YOu look great! Can't wait to see what you are having...I find out jan 6th!

Gubler family said...

my little girl went through a phase where she would slap people across the face for the fun of it. so embarassing! but time-out eventually worked for us. consistency is the MAIN thing, i think. did u say you're 4-5 months pregnant and NOT showing. people were asking me if i was due. no fair. i hate tall people. j/k.

Soledad said...

Welcome to my world. My 2 yr old swings at people at the grocery store, never hitting them of course, he thinks he's cute but it's embarrasing. He's new thing is running away in big stores or grocery stores and hiding. I think you're little girl is just being a little girl, it will soon pass and you'll look back and laugh. Congrats on your upcoming baby! :)

The Cannons said...

I have no suggestions on discipline. I've got to figure it out myself! Corbin threw a domino at my face on purpose, and then when I asked him to clean up he yelled NO! at me. Love that. My mother in law gave me a discipline book that I clearly need to read. Don't worry we are going there for Thanksgiving, kind of nervous she might me watching me.

I hate the chubby pregnancy thing. I feel like I am chubby for at least the first 4-5 months as well. I finally look pregnant, hallelujah.

There are about a million baby girl names that I love. Of course I can't think of too many right now. I think Macy is a super cute girl name.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oooooooh! I can't wait to find out what you are having!! How exciting!!!

Shelley said...

Love your update! Such a cute idea to open your "news" on Christmas morning! :) Hey,..I need to get you "Day 1". Do you want me to bring it to ya? -That would give me a reason to brush my hair,..get out of the house! ;)

Bournes said...

I totally agree with you...I HATED the beginning of pregnancy because for me it just looked like I was gaining weight instead of growing a baby. SO annoying.
So glad to hear that you're feeling well.
I can't even discipline my dog and Chase is still too young so I have nothing for you. I'll probably be coming to you for advice in a few months :)

Jana said...

Christy, I love your updates! The 'whipping boy' scenario made me laugh out loud :)

Heather and Dave said...

Oh too fun. I love how Brigette (sp??! sorry!) is talking now! When did our girls become little devilish toddlers? They're so dang cute, it makes it tough to discipline... I have a hard time not laughing when molly does naughty things. Cute christmas tree though - and can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl!! I'm secretly hoping a girl, so both our girlies can be the same ages. too fun!