Saturday, November 21, 2009

My name is Christy...

And I am a couponing addict. Yes, this was how I spent my saturday... rounding up fantastic deals and hoarding all these wonderful products!! Its the best fix since diet coke, and Im feeling good about my storage closet looking nice and fat for 2010.

But before I tell you about my phenomenal deals....I just want to mention that I saw New Moon this morning, and well, its going to be sweet sweet dreams tonight :) It was SO GOOD! Yes, Im 13 and I am considering hanging up a poster of Edward Jacob on my bedroom ceiling. HELLO! Feast your eyes:

Boy was it tough to find a picture of him with a shirt on! Oh, And the most hilarious part of seeing this movie, was the theatre FULL of housewives. Legit, forty something women, oohing and aahing, clapping, gasping, and sighing. Honestly, it was hilarious.

Ok, back to my Killer Deals!

First up: Bath and Body Works. Total Spent: $12

What I got:
3 Hand Soaps (foam pumps) = $10
Buy 3 Shower gels get 3 free = 6 for $31.50
1 travel size item = free

I used my $5/$30 coupon
A Free travel Item coupon
And a $20 gift card from my birthday, so my total was $12 for 10 products! Not too shabby!

Next was a trip to target for baby wipes! Total Spent: $8.50

What I got:
6 tubs of sensitive wipes (64 count)
6 tubs of unscented wipes (72 count)
Thats 816 wipes for $8.50!

I used the $1 off UP and Up wipes Target coupons found HERE (yes, I printed and used 12 of them! Just scroll down to the expires 12/5 list, and enter the number of coupons you want, then click generate!) Knocking each box of wipes down from either $1.66, or $1.72 to just $.66 ea for unscented and $.72 ea for sensitive. A great deal and YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!! You can print as many of these Target coupons as you want from now until December 5th!!!

EVEN BETTER - up and up has a small pack of wipes that are on sale for just $.94, along with the flushable refill packs for toddlers - which MAKES THEM FREE AFTER THE COUPON!!!! So go stock up on your free wipes people! (Target is usually sold out of these ones though, so call ahead and see if they are in stock, or ask when the next shipment is coming in!)

Next Up: Carter and OshKosh. Total Spent: $26

What I got:
1 adorable dress
2 long sleeve fashion shirts
1 pair of jeans
2 pairs of jogging/sweat pants
1 set pjs (top and bottoms)

I signed up on the mailing list a few months ago, and received a $10 gift card to each store. My mom also signed up and gave me her two cards (one to each store) so I had 4 FREE $10 cards! I went a teensy bit over my $40 limit, but I didn't mind paying a little out of pocket for the cuter jeans and dress I wanted! Not too bad for 7 pieces of clothing! Sorry these pictures are SO BAD, they are from my cell phone!

And finally the grand finale! 80 bottles of Herbal Essences shampoos, conditioners, and stylers - Total spent $11!

Well first I found out through my friend that Rite Aid had a buy one get one free sale going on a few weeks ago AND herbal essences also happened to have a buy one shamp/cond get one free styler coupon out. So what I did was order up 40 coupons from ebay. (they were sold in packs of 20, so I bought one set for myself and one for my sister) I spent $6 buying 40 coupons on ebay. Then I found out that Rite Aid was sold out of products since so many people did the deal, so they wrote me a rain check, which just means they promised me a certain amount of products and ordered them up for the next shipment. They called me when the shipment was in, and I went in and this is how it works:

1. They scan a shampoo and a conditioner. Only one of them rings up, because rite aids deal is buy one get one free.
2. Then they scan a coupon from ebay (which is put out by the manufacturers of herbal essences),  and that erases the OTHER price AND gets me a FREE styler! Basically what happens is Rite Aid paid for one bottle, and the manufacturer paid for the other.
3. So when all is said and done, I bought 40 bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner, and got 40 FREE stylers - all for just the cost of TAX!!!!

So awesome! I urge you all to try a Buy One Get One free deal at Rite Aid sometime. Anytime you can find a coupon that coincides with a product featured as a buy one get one free - it will be FREE and all you'll owe is tax! (I also recommend asking if you can order up your shipment, so you dont feel like scum clearing the shelves. The great part is, you can do this deal at different locations, so if you only find 4 bottles at one store, go grab 6 from another and so on!

So there you go! I hope I have inspired you to join my addiction :) Come join us on Discount Queens and start shopping like a pro!


megan&steve said...

I am in awe of your mad skills. Good work & I also enjoyed the movie this weekend with teenagers, and moms!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I am so jealous of your couponing skills!!! Seriously! I hope when I get done with school I have time to coupon shop!

Nichole said...

I love it! I wish we had Rite Aid here but I have so much shampoo and conditioner right now, Justin would kill me if I brought home more!

Gubler family said...

wow! you are good! i too love coupons and am totally jealous of all the fabulous stores in your reach. i wish i could have done the carter's deal and bath and body...boohoo.

jayna said...

I still regret not wolf-whistling jacob when he took off his shirt---but I'm not sure if anyone else would have gotten the pun...

I will be by to pick up my goods-thank you for including me in your mad couponing skills. A most useful sister!!
p.s. Chatty Cathy wants you read the book instead- it's better.

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

P.S. I haven't seen the movie yet, but have been a Jacob fan since the first book. Edward is all pale and cold and overrated.

Di said...

My only beef with the queens is that now that we're in Hawaii alot of the stores or deals on there don't apply to me anymore. However, I did just post a good one that I think you would be interested in. A free nursing cover. it really works, but I'm not sure for how long so hurry & get your own.

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