Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2nd annual Tea Party

So about 2 years ago when Grace went through her "Charlie and Lola phase" she became obsessed with tea pots and fancy tea parties. I was pregnant with Brigitte and due just a few weeks after Grace's birthday, so we celebrated a little early with a Fancy Tea party. Grace and Caroline came over and opened a tea set and we had little treats and ended the day with homemade pizzas. It was too cute to see how excited they got over just pouring tiny cups of water for themselves! SOOOOO.... I decided to make it an annual tradition. Especially since I have my own daughter now and these little parties are fun for her. When Brigitte came downstiars and we were waiting for the cousins to arrive she saw all the finery and exclaimed "OH - MY PARTY!" it was too funny. I had told her the night before that we were having a party in the morning and apparently she remembered!

So here is a photo recap of 2010's Fancy Tea Party!

We started off the party with a wild game of Easter Bingo where the girls got to pick prizes for winning. After a few rounds Brigitte threw her arms in the air and shouted BINGO BINGO BINGO! She caught on fast!

After Bingo we made decorated Nests made out of rice krispie treats. The girls added Coconut grass, peeps, eggs, and all sorts of candy. They turned out pretty cute. Of course, Lila couldnt be bothered to decorate hers and she took a big bite out of it instead!

After nests the doorbell rang and the girls found a letter from the Easter Bunny sending them on a hunt to find her four missing bunny babies. The girls ran through the house finding clues and looking for the missing bunnies. At the end they each got a big cute chocolate bunny  - and they promptly bit each of their heads off.

After the scavenger hunt it was time to make pizzas. Grace had wheat free and Lila had dairy free. After Pizza we had pudding parfaits in fancy goblets (only one out of the four survived due to them falling out of the fridge repeatedly....) so they all shared one. And then it was Cake truffles and more candy to take home.

I think they all had fun, and it was so cute to see them all fancy dressed up and excited. It doesnt take much to win over the hearts of such girly girls! A few headbands and candies was all it took!

Aunt Kallie saved the day by grabbing balloons at the last minute for me - THANKS KALLIE! I had to force her take work off and attend the party - otherwise the girls would have been super disappointed that she wasnt there.

Thanks for all your help Mom Jayna and Kallie. I cant wait for next years party. will have to be boy/girl so we'll see how that works out!


Vehar Family said...

That is precious! You are such a wonderful Mommy and a very sweet Aunt! I'm sure they look forward to this each year and will never forget it!

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

This is too too much!! Since Matt and I will ONLY have girls (at my behest) can we come join the party sometime?!?
Love Love LOVE this!

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

so cute!

The Cannons said...

That is the most adorable thing I've ever seen! So cute. I can't believe you guys did all that. I love it.

Shelley Beal said...

Man do you people know how to throw a party! What a fun tradition for those girls. PRICELESS!ss

Caroline said...

that looks so much fun!! love 'em!! I love the little fingers sticking up, very refined!!!