Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brigitte Girl is Growing up!

I had Jayna try to snap some pics of Brigitte this morning - despite the snow outside ruining my dream of spring dresses. We settled for inside shots with the world's crabbiest almost 2 year old. Brigitte was in fine form and the tantrums came quicker than the smiles. These were the only good ones we got (and really, they arent as cute as she relly is! Usually Brigitte will be so funny and smiley and say cheeeeese! - But not today!)

I do think she is looking more and more like me and less and less like Gabe. But she is acting like a whole new person altogether - we dont know where her sass comes from! She is WILD and yet - so sweet and VERY attached to me lately which makes me worry about the transition with baby coming up. I hope she can bond a little more with dad and get used to him being her slave while I am out of comission!

Fun things going on in Brigitte's life right now:

  • She can count up to 15 (she gets stuck on a few, but she will carry on if you prompt her)
  • She can recognize and say her alphabet letters (thanks to a computer game she became obsessed with as an infant we discovered one day she knew all her letters. its amazing!)
  • She will repeat ANYTHING you tell her to. This is hilarious because she sometimes just goes on a tangent repeating stuff she has just heard. I desperately need to tape her saying things. She has the cutest little voice!
  • She can diaper and cream her dolls - all by herself. I learned this one day when I discovered her and 'brother' covered in desitin. 

Some of her favorite phrases:

  • Oh Dear! Wha Happened???
  • oh nooooo, its broken!
  • Whered it go?
  • no, my turn (this is very popular with her. apparently its ALWAYS her turn)
  • Wheres the mote? (remote)
  • I crying, I sad. (along with fake or real tears)
  • So soft (and she pats your hair)
There are a million other things I need to document but Its way more fun to watch her on video than read my interpretation of her. Another thing to add to my 'before baby comes' list!


Designing Woman said...

I think you're baby is a genius. That is so cool that she can say all those things! Wow. I would really enjoy a video...that would be awesome!

PS: Cute pics. I love that her hair can be put in a pony, adorable!

Maren said...

Your daughter has a better haircut than I do. Honestly so cute. And also, I KNOW where she gets that don't?

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

She is SO beautiful!! I love the earings. So cute!!

jayna said...

I still like the great balls of fire picture the best.

Give her a nap or lose her forever...

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

i totally think she looks like you! especially in the profile shot of her with her mouth open like she is telling a really funny story!

Amber said...

She is such a cutie! I love those pictures!