Monday, April 19, 2010

Tick Tock

So by my post title I bet you were thinking this was a post about Ke$hia...or my impending delivery. No. You are wrong. This is about my dear sweet hilarious husband....and our 3 year anniversary.

Tick Tock time has flown. How on earth has it been 3 years??? Just yesterday I was turning him down for dates, and now look at me - ready to burst delivering his second offspring. Funny how life turns out not quite the way you expected it - but sometimes so much better. Thats pretty must the gist of our relationship. Unexpected bliss.

I moved to San Diego in search of this: (In case you were wondering this is a 6 foot tall, full head of hair, handsome, rich Doctor. Who is single.) But wouldnt you know it? These guys dont frequent the singles wards, and rarely were they looking for a divorced celibate lds girl. Their loss I say ;)

NO. Instead at FHE I ran into this guy:

I heard youre from Idaho he said. Im from Arco he said. See you later I said :)

This certainly wasnt the man for me. I mean, where was his stethoscope???? Or his hair? And wasnt he barely clearing 5 foot 10???

Oh the irony. Fast forward 3 years. Here we are. And I have to say, I wouldnt trade my rough and tumble farm boy for all the doctors in the world. (Except maybe this one:) Its okay, Gabe knows all about McDreamy.

As much as I hate to admit this - most of Gabes very best qualities were the direct result of his roguish Arco upbringing. And maybe it was the Idaho girl in me that couldn't resist his love of four wheelers, tractors, dirt, and general wildness. What can I say? The boy liked to play outside. Who could resist those muscles throwing around a baseball at the beach? (I have no hand eye coordination - so to me this was most impressive!)

Needless to say, it shocked me when I learned Gabes dirty little secret: He liked to shop as much as he liked to do anything else. Proof below: (and yes at the end you do hear him say...its a $400 dollar jacket)

His mother was right: HE WAS WORLDY! (Famous Shelley Beal quote: Oh Christy, Gabe was the perfect boy right up until he went on his mission. And then he turned worldly! As if it was the dirtiest most awful thing she could think of! ) Suddenly all my wildest dreams came true. A guy who could brand a cow, do a 24 hour fast, change a diaper, respect his mama, AND SHOP! Who needed a guy with hair??? Not I.

And when I suggested eloping. And a honeymoon in Paris - and HE AGREED??? Well then who needed a guy who was over 6 feet tall? I got the Louvre instead: (what a marvelous trade I might add!)

Its hard to believe that I almost couldnt want to date Gabe - when 3 years later I am constantly horrified at what a perfect match we are. We both love expensive jeans, eating out 5 times a week, staying up way too late, taking vacations we cant afford, and best of all: kids. Lots and lots of kids. Thank you Shelley Beal for having 9 children, some of whom Gabe practiced raising as if they were his own. He is such a cute dad (although, weak when it comes to saying no...) and truth be told he would be quite the proficient stay at home mother. Its a good thing I cant earn as much as he does or else I fear he would be sending me out to be the bread winner so he could stay home and teach Brigitte football plays and how to build campfires. (Hallelujah there is a boy on the way!)

Three years down...infinity more to go :) 
(Happy Anniversary )
And yes, this is your gift.


Jamie said...

First, and I'm sorry to Gabe that this is the first thing I got out of this post: Christy your legs are so freaking long!!! This is something I will always admire and never be able to emulate. So Gabe, score one for you on snagging long-legged Christy.

And since we are loving on Gabe, that last pic of him and Brigitte is too too sweet. Happy three years guys!

megan&steve said...

Great Anniversary present, Christy. Baby boy will be here before you know it!

jayna said...

I forget about people having regular anniversaries- I just figure Christmas is the one holiday a year!

Happy Anniversary. We're glad you married Gab-er.

El Chidote said...

I loved this funny. Happy anniversary guys! Oh p.s. this is myca...not el chidote :)

Mitzi said...

You are hilarious .Will you please write a book? Happy Anniversary guys. I can never remember when you guys got married because of your secret wedding, but no excuses thanks to anutie Ruby's (Carolyn) calendar.

erin said...

the perfect present indeed. Happy anniversary. I just love LOVE and im happy you guys love LOVE too.....
now hurry up and have this baby!!

Designing Woman said...

Hilariously adorable!

Gabe is a pretty amazing man to go along with all your "wild" ideas :)

I can confirm that San Diego doesn't make men over six foot...or doctors. But they sure are a good time!

PS: Don't worry I'm sure grad school will be absolutely miserable.

Kelley Gubler said...

that is freakin hilarious! you kill me!

sadly, i remember teasing gabe about his lack of hair. sorry gabe!

happy 3rd to you guys!

Shelley Beal said...

SO FUNNY!!!! Like Mitzi said, you need to right a book. You'd make a million...truly. We've been praying for you. Can't wait till tomorrow!

Jana said...

Happy anniversary!

Whitney said...

You crack me up!!! You are so funny!!! I remember giving Gabe a chia pet to make up for his lack of hair!!! I don't think he thought it was to funny though!!! You guys are great together and are a perfect fit!!!!