Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Galore

Yes, This is my mother. And yes....she often gets mistaken for my sister. There are too many great qualities about her that I admire to do this list justice, but here are a few of my most favorite things about her:

  1. My mother is one of the MOST hilarious people I know. Either on purpose or not, she tends to make us all fall on the floor in hysterics. Whether its a bra in her hair, or a funny sing song tale about her dinner - she just has a way of making ordinary things seem extraordinarily funny. 
  2. My mother whether she knows it or not, has a great sense of adventure. It may have started when she fell into a sewer as a 4 year old. Maybe it was living at the Radar site, or braving the Montana winters. Wherever it came from, I appreciate that she can adapt to crazy situations - even if she prefers Beverly Hills :) 
  3. What really bonds us together is our mutual infatuation with Paul McCartney. And mom, just for today I will let you be his BIGGEST fan. (but tomorrow its back to normal where I am next in line as his girlfriend)
  4. My mom taught me how to appreciate chips and dips, taco bell, soap operas, and kirk cameron as a child. I chalk up my well roundedness to her home schooling education.
  5. My mom always let me do crazy things. She never wanted me to miss out on anything exciting. Hence my random trips to Paris, Australia, and a tiny stint living in LA at 17. It took guts to let me make those decisions on my own...and still I wonder how you did it. You just really wanted me to be happy. 
  6. Mom, you taught me the magic of test driving cars you cant afford when you need a little pick me up. Sometimes on a very bad day i can still feel the wind in my hair of that Audi TT convertible. 
  7. Speaking of convertibles - remember my first car you accidentally talked Dad into letting us buy? I know we only really got it because you thought it would be fun. And you can be very persuasive!
  8. We all got our love of babies from you. Nobody loves being a grandmother more. My kids are SO lucky to have you. 
Happy Mothers Day Bobbins! We love you!

My mother in law is a treasure. A true hidden gem. She somehow raised a huge family of 9 kids, on a farm, in a town with no grocery store. She has my respect - and also I genuinely enjoy her company, especially her stories and hilarious conversations. She tells it like it is - and I love that.  Here are a few more of the things that make her great:
  1. She is not ashamed to bear her testimony at all times, in all things, and in all places. Even on my wedding day in Central Park - all of New York heard it from her lips that we had just been sealed for time and ALL ETERNITY. This lady has guts when it comes to religion!
  2. Shelley is a natural entertainer. She can sing, act, and is a hoot to watch during a game of Guesstures. She instilled a sense of joy for life into all her kids - and they all have a great sense of confidence when it comes to sharing their talents. not a Beal trait!
  3. Shelley is an expert student. She takes notes from the BYU and History channel and always keeps a spirit of learning about her. She posts scriptures around the house, and always looks for an opportunity to acquire new knowledge.  
  4. She is just a fantastic cook. Her cold slaw, pot roast, and any of her desserts are my favorite. 
  5. She is just very honest. With herself and others. 
  6. Ive never met a more ambitious or energetic person in all my life. I swear Ive never met anyone else who pulls out their refrigerator to give the floor behind it a good cleaning. Every year. On a schedule. 
We love you Granny! Happy Mothers Day!

How did I get the best two kids in the whole world? Thank you my spicy smart Brigitte and my sweet Spencer boy for making me a mom. How lucky am I ???

And the latest pics of our new little man... 2 1/2 weeks old already! I wish time would stop so I could keep my baby little forever! We are just soaking him up. Who needs sleep?

Brigitte at 2 weeks old... looks a lot like Spencer!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Awww! This is SUPER cute! Happy Mother's Day, Christy! Your kids are sure lucky to have you!

Caroline said...

happy mothers day Christy! (ours was weeks ago over here!). You certainly deserve a good one after your journey to get your little cherubs!! Can't believe Spencer is already 2 & a half weeks old, he's gorgeous!!

Mitzi said...

Loved reading about your moms. Happy Mother's day.

erin said...

happy mothers day. i love it, youre a mom of two...

Shelley Beal said...

Thanks Christy! You are always so nice to me and your blogs make everyone's day!