Monday, May 3, 2010

Snip Snip

So last friday I took my sweet boy in at 9 am to get circumcised. Yes, he was 9 days old. We didnt intentionally wait so long to get it done, we were just told that doing it in the hospital cost an extra $200, and it was just as easy to do it in the peds office. So at his 7 day check up we went in expecting it to get done that day, but they booked us for 2 days later because her schedule was full. Anyway, I asked a few times if it was more traumatic, or took longer to heal if he didnt get it done right after birth - and everyone assured me that it was no big deal, and it was a matter of days and not to worry about it.


So I had zero sleep, and had to be in the car by 8:30 am to get into Eagle on time for his appointment. After his Dr walked me through the procedure they took him into the next room. About 10 minutes later there was a knock on my door. And then she spoke. There are some words you never want to hear from your baby's Doctor. Among them are these:

They brought me my little bundle of flailing screaming kicking baby swaddled in a blood spattered blanket. And then went on to tell me that they didnt even get it done - because baby is a bleeder! WHAT? Apparently when they numbed his little man parts he bled so much from that one little injection site that it was too risky to proceed. I couldnt believe the blood drops on him were from just a tiny pin prick from the needle. So sad.

So they instructed me to hurry on down to the hospital ER and pick up a vitamin K shot to help his blood thicken. But wait - unless I wanted to pay a $100 ER fee, I had to take that vial of Vitamin K over to the clinic by the hospital and have one of their nurses do the injection. And then wait at least another hour for the shot to take effect - and then bring him BACK to the clinic where they would finally whack off his weenie.

So I buckle my hysterical newborn into his seat and drive all the way up eagle road to st lukes, where I proceed to wait in the outpatient pharmacy next to a dying man with emphysema who is hacking away. I wait and wait. And wait. 30 minutes later they have rounded me up some vitamin k. Awesome. Back to the car we go, where I drive 6 blocks to a different pediatricians office. Where I sit in a waiting room with about 300 runny nosed kids. Super Awesome.

20 minutes later, Spencer had finally gotten the Vitamin K in his system. BACK to his Drs office in Eagle we drove. In lunchtime traffic. FINALLY we got there. FINALLY.

Ask me how thrilled I was to hand over my child yet again...knowing he could very well bleed to death ALL for this silly elective procedure that I waited too long to do??? Not very.

The WORST sound a postpartum hormonally imbalanced girl can hear is her new baby screaming that scary cry where you know they are hurt and not just hungry or tired. I listened to the whole hideous thing. I kept waiting for him to calm down (since I know he was numb, AND they were feeding him sugar water...) but he just kept in hysterics.

After about 30 minutes they brought him to me - still screaming. Covered in more blood. Try to nurse him they said. Keep him swaddled, and dont let him cry - it elevates his blood pressure and makes him bleed more. GREAT. He did not stop crying. he would not nurse. He had massive diarrhea and I had to change his diaper and wipe mustard poo off his freshly manscaped weenie. I could hardly bring myself to do it.

Thankfully, 4 days later we have survived. But let me say this - I either better have girls from now on - or Im demanding they do the snipping in the hospital the day they are born. Oh, and they didnt exactly snip the end off - they used the Plastibell method  (dont look at this unless you can take trauma ok!) where they put a little plastic ring around the end, tie a string, and it strangles off the skin and falls off 7-12 days later. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? The poor boy is waiting for  all these things to just "fall off" his body. First his belly button, now his extra man skin. Honestly I might not recover!

On to some funny happenings...

I bought Brigitte a little art kit to help keep her occupied indoors while we are home and it came with all these crayons, markers, colored pencils and paper. Well today we got it out and opened it all up and got her set up for a little art time on her tiny pic nic table. She was coloring away so I decided to get some housework done. A few minutes later I went in to check on her (since baby was napping in the swing just a few feet away from her). She was happy as a clam so i went back to cleaning.

Then nap time approached, so I took her upstairs and laid her down. Then I went to feed baby. I picked him up and what did I find? About 12 little colored pencils were tucked away into every nook and cranny of his swaddling blanket. Apparently Brigitte has finally found a good use for this new baby of ours... sneaky little sprite!

And this morning as I was getting Spencer dressed and he was flailing his arms and fussing (he hates being unwrapped and cold!) Brigitte came over and got right down next to his face and said "OH, why you sad Boy?"
I almost peed my pants. BOY? I guess she picked up on me calling him little boy, or sweet boy. So hilarious.

Ahh kids.


Myca said...

Ok traumatic with the whole circumsition thing...with both my boys they did it in the hospital, nice and quick, and no waiting for the skin to fall off. One clean snip and it was all over. You definitely should do it that way next time. What a nightmare!

Whitney said...

Oh man, that did not sound like fun at all. We also did parker's in the hospital and I didn't even know they did it. That is how smoothly ours went. Yeah next time just do it at the hospital. Poor little guy. I couldn't even imagine. I hope you are doing good. Your kids are so dang cute!!!!

Anna Beal said...

Oh my gosh! That was awful! No one ever told me that it was more expensive at the naturally that is where Logan had his done. I guess he didn't even cry....he LOVED that sugar water. So sorry, I would have HATED that day!

Kelley Gubler said...

i too waited 10 days to save $200 and remember crying as i heard my little newborn boy screaming his head off...terrible!...and my son had the plastic thingy too. my husband couldn't look at it. but really, he will thank you someday :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

We had the same type of circumcision. It is awful to look at, huh?!? Just remember to wash it off really well after each diaper change. You know that waterbottle that they give to you at the hospital for YOU after you go potty...well, it worked REALLY well for us to use for Jaxton after is diaper changes. Just hold him over the sink and spray! You just want to make sure it stays super clean so it doesn't get infected...but you know that! They also told us to do it in the office b/c it was cheaper, but the dr. went ahead and did it in the hospital w/o asking us. I was pretty peeved about it - but after hearing your story (YIKES!) maybe I should just be grateful that they did it in the hospital!! Hope Spencer recovers quickly!! :)

p.s. I know this is like the longest comment EVER but I still (pathetically) have your baby shower gift and I will be bringing it over sometime this week...I promise!!! :)

Maren said...

That is truly horrifying. Especially the part about the plastic ring. I mean that seams inhumane. But take heart, he'll never remember it-only you are scarred for life.

megan&steve said...

Trauma, and drama in the pediatric office. I can't believe the run around you went through.
We had jakes done at the hospital, I recommend that for the future.

Designing Woman said...

Yes! Brigitte is hilarious!

PS: Good the know about the snip it in the hospital - got it :)

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

I swear that circumcision is more traumatic for the mom's than the babies. I was bawling before they took brody away( lucky for me, his was done in the hospital and not in a 12 step obstacle like yours!) I was convinced he would hate me forever and think the world was evil!

Amanda said...

I am so sorry your first experience with a circ was so traumatizing. They aren't all that bad I promise. You would think they would have figured out he was "a bleeder" with the other pokes they do at the hospital! I had Cody's done at 2 weeks and Cade and 2.5 weeks. I say you tell your Dr. he can eat the cost of the circ. You would also think that the Dr office would have a way to get a hold of the shot he needed probably faster than you did. That is SO frustrating.

All the bad stuff is over now though. He is so dang cute!

Mitzi said...

Traumatic! Sorry guys. B is hilarious.

Caroline said...

they won't do it in the UK! Only if there is some medical reason!! So my little man has his little man in tack!!
Hope you've recovered from the ordeal! & what was that about in future only having girls?? more babies??

Jennifer said...

That's the worst circumcision story I've ever heard. I could never just hand my boys off and wait for it to be done. Our first we had done in the hospital and Chad went with him. The other two were at the docs office and I was there holding their hands and kissing their heads. I guess I'm just a control freak that way. I also never had them done that way. I would HATE THAT. I hate the umbilical cord thingy and just caring for the circumcised penis, but if I had to wait for part of it to fall off I would go INSANE. Good luck with that.

You are such a trooper!

Anonymous said...

This whole post and all the comments have left me with my stomach in knots.

How horrific for your son! I can't imagine why/how you let them do that.

I think many people don't realize this, but circumcision is absolutely unnecessary. It's basically cosmetic surgery. There is nothing wrong with leaving a baby the way God made him.

Should you ever have anymore boys, I hope that you do some research before choosing to circumcise again.

The "numbing agents" they use haven't even been approved for use in newborns. There's a lot of evidence that they don't work, which is probably why your son was screaming. He felt the entire thing! And since the foreskin is FULL of nerve endings, I'm sure it was extra painful!

I'm not trying to make you feel bad about your decision. Just hoping that maybe next time you'll do a little research before choosing to do cosmetic surgery on your newborn.