Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What could bring me out of blogger hibernation???

Nooo....not a post about my new baby.
Not a post about my two year old.
Or husband.
Or my summer thus far.

BUT ECLIPSE. This was worth blogging about. Go ahead and judge me.

My sister and I took our summer teenage daughters *explained below* to the midnight showing of Eclipse last night. Insane? yes. So I am practically sleep-typing right now. We got home at 3 am and I fed Spencer, and then fed him again at 6:30 and got up for the day. Whew. Was it worth it? oh yeah.

But NOT because I am a team Edward/Jacob person who foams at the mouth whenever they appear. And certainly NOT because the script was gripping and brilliant OR because the cinematic charisma of Kristen Stewart drew me in. NO. But the following two words should sum up exactly WHY this was possibly one of the best nights of entertainment Boise ever offered:


Picture me sitting there. Munching away on contraband treats. Sipping away on a diet Sprite. When all of a sudden I hear it - A HUGE THUD over yonder. I look, and all I see is limbs. And the screaming. Sometimes when I close my eyes I can still hear the screaming. (Silence of the lambs anyone?). Apparently a girl thought it was a good idea to get in a full on brawl and she jumped another girl. She tried to shove her down the stairs and then grabbed her by the hair and taught her one heck of a lesson. A crowd immediately formed trying to break up the cat fight. It ended when the large portley fellow who I assume was the Theater manager came up and put a stop to the hysterics. The girl who had gotten attacked was nobly LIFTED like a baby by her scrawny girlfriend who hauled her out of the room and kindly put a tissue over her bleeding face. 

The best part is the other girl - the attacker if you will - turned around and went to just sit back down! Dont worry, she was escorted out by a cop a few minutes later, but not before she made the extra mature grand gesture of a bow, followed by some hand gestures. Classy gal, that one. 

The buzz quickly spread through the room that the fight had actually borken out over - wait for it - a MOVIE POSTER, which the theater staff had tossed out into the crowd just a few minutes before. I guess it ended up in the wrong hands and well, she just wasn't going to lose out that easily. 

It was a great night. 

There was a guy dressed up in the lobby like Dr. Cullen. As the beat up girl was carried out he nicely stepped aside shouting "Im sorry - Im not a real Doctor!" oh man. You cant make this stuff up. 

I knew as I was walking in that this was going to be one for the photo albums. I saw a group of girls dressed up like cats. Brown suits, brown painted noses, and whiskers. I mentioned to my sister that I was confused about the litter of awkward girls I had seen - until she looked at me and said ... Could they have been WOLVES? oops my bad. Of course they were wolves. Girls, work on your costumes! 

Anyone else have a great night? Oh yeah, the movie was pretty good. Emphasis on the pretty :)

* Jayna and I have two great girls helping us out with our kids this summer. My parents met them in their ward in Garden Valley and sent them down for a fun time so they could get out of town. So yes, I have a 15 year old daughter. 


Di said...

I read about the fight on Jay's blog but my gosh she left out all the good details. Man, this is the best fight story ever. Oh man, this just made my day. No really, it that sad?

Anonymous said...

i really liked eclipse! keaton and i watched it with mom--she is SO funny! she said she wanted to shout junk like "commandments are NEVER old fashioned!" oh lands, good times! i seriously thought it was worth it just to see the harry potter preview--i'm so hitting that midnight premier, AND i'll be in boise so you're invited haha!

-kelsey b

Sherry Bobbins said...

sorry I missed it - the cat fight I mean, but I'm so glad you & Jayna got to go! Sounds like good times but 3:00 am is way past my bedtime though. Hilarious though!

Mitzi said...

Hilarious! So is Kelsey's comment about my mom. Good times.

Designing Woman said...

That is only the sort of amazing-ness that you get when you attend a mid-night showing opening week. I would have LOVED to have been there. Thanks for coming out of hibernation for that one :)