Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A miracle has transpired in our house. A MIRACLE. Its called Chiropractic care. Call me crazy but I have totally crossed over to one of "those alternative people". Im not changing my name to karma, or going vegan....but I am making some pretty significant lifestyle changes.

It all started when Brigitte was born. As you may recall...she was Rosemary's Baby. The screaming. The colic. The Insomnia. She nearly killed me as a first time parent. Her pediatrician called her "spirited" and suggested I join a support group. haha. But no, she was serious.

As most of you know, Brigitte is WILD. She would wake up around 2 am and sing and play LOUDLY until 5am. Nothing we did helped her to stay asleep. We skipped daytime naps, we kept her up later and later. We even tried a small dose of melatonin. I swear all those things just egged her on. And then....Spencer was born. Straight up - girlfriend didnt sleep for 3. solid. days. And then I lost my mind.

Spencer was perfectly content and quiet for the first two weeks. And then, it was like a switch flipped and he was broken. His pooper quit working for days at a time, and when he did go it was slimy and green. His tummy was rock hard, and he cried. ALL the time. It was like Brigitte the sequel. I still distinctly remember sitting downstairs at 4 am rocking a crying baby, turning on yo gabba gabba for Brigitte who was running around like a madwoman....and myself. Clutching a diet coke while I cried right along with Spencer. I knew Gabe would be leaving for work soon and I had to pull the wagon all alone. Rock bottom my friends.

I briefly considered prozac. Or shock treatments. And then realized I really wasn't suffering from depression...I just couldnt cope with my out of control kids. Somehow by the graces of divine intervention - my incredible friend Bonnie called one day to just check in and see how I was doing. It was obvious that I had reached the point of no return with my kids because I offered them to her on the spot. For keeps.

Bonnie is the type of mother that I always wanted to be. Organic, nurturing, easy going. She had all four of her gorgeous babies at home with a midwife. She even home-schools them occasionally when they arent attending their family centered christian school. And...she strongly believes in chiropractic care. I nannied for her about 10 years ago and remember watching her 2 year old Hayden make believe he was the chiropractor and gave his dad Brian an adjustment. It was super funny - but honestly I really didnt get what the big deal was. How could adjusting your small children be of any benefit? 

Bonnie asked me over the phone: Have you considered taking them to a chiropractor? A light bulb went on. Oh yeah, the CHIROPRACTOR! No I had not even thought about it. She basically asked me what I had to lose by trying it out. My only hang up was what if they somehow broke my babies! What if they cranked their necks right off and crippled them for life?? She laughed at me. My babies were already broken, remember?

So I booked an appointment with her family's chiropractor Dr. Dudley. He was the same one I had taken her boys to years ago when her oldest was Brigitte's age. A nice, LDS, dad of 5 - I figured as far as I could tell he was the safest choice for us! I told Gabe we were going in and forced him to come along. I wanted him to see and be comfortable with the treatments. And...ok, I wanted him to be equally to blame in case it failed :)

So we went in. The kids got scanned. The problems were obvious. We compared a normal spine to theirs and saw the differences. Dr. Dudley basically told us that if the sleeping issues and colic were at all related to the misalignments in their spines, that they would resolve in about 2 weeks if not sooner. I was skeptical....yet hopeful. We agreed to a 12 week treatment plan and began taking Brigitte and Spencer both in 2-3 times a week. 

The adjustments were nothing what I thought they would be. There was no giant cracking of their necks. In fact, Dr. Dudley uses an activator (what Brigitte lovingly refers to as the "clicker") and he just touches it to their spine and "clicks" it back into place where it should be. Its hard to explain. But I was excited and relieved when I saw what little it was going to take to get them properly aligned. 

Brace yourselves. IT WAS MIRACULOUS! Spencer's colic resolved 100% by the end of the first week. He pooped with ease. Bright yellow mustard poop! He cried no more. He even slept through the night! My gentle loving fat baby had returned!!!

Brigitte - well what can I say. By the second week she was completely sleeping through the night. COMPLETELY. No more late night parties!!! And she was taking a great 2-3 hour nap in the day. She was like a whole new person. Still wild and crazy - but better. MUCH better! My family couldnt believe the changes in her they were so drastic. My mom said - Christy, you HAVE to blog this! Its unbelievable!

So we are definitely believers. The kids are on maintenance now, getting adjusted monthly or as needed. In fact last week Spencer was fussy for 3 days so I took him in. Dr. Dudley said yup, he's tweaked a little bit! He adjusted him and Voila! Back to normal. 

This experience has been so fascinating - and completely lifesaving. I dont really know what I would have done if I had endured months and months of the craziness that had erupted earlier this year. Dr. Dudley is a miracle worker :) So much so that Gabe is now going regularly and I even went in for a week when my neck muscles froze. We've crossed over.

I was surprised at how much coverage our health insurance gave us. 20 visits per person every year. Its not cheap - but its worth every penny. And I consider it preventative maintenance. Id much rather pay now for chiropractic care, then have hospital bills later for my nervous breakdown :)

Its amazing how much this one act has changed our every day lives. It makes me want to cook healthier (we've gone mostly Organic now whenever possible, and Ive been downing green smoothies by the gallon!) and just the awareness of taking care of our bodies gives me a sense of satisfaction I really can't explain! 

Ever since Brigitte was born we have been on the fence about giving her immunizations. Now with Spencer in the picture we are revisiting the options. I am still researching on that and would love any feedback you and your families have on the subject. I know there are pros and cons either way, but until we decide for sure, we have chosen to not give them any more shots. Im not sure if I want to spread them out, wait until they are older, or withhold them altogether. Again, I know the risks both ways. Im just curious how many of you out there possibly went your own route like we might do. 

Anyway. There you have it. We are well adjusted now. HALLELUJAH!


jayna said...

It is awesome that Brig is sleeping so much better! I say do whatever works for your family!

p.s. there is a crazy comment that needs deleted a few posts down! yikes!

Amber said...

I am so happy for you! and so sorry that you have been going through all that. I need to take Grace to a chiropractor... she is CRAZY! Logan is my sanity though. He's chill. Good for you on going organic and doing the green smoothies. I need to be better with all of that stuff. About the immunizations, I struggle with that too and have decided to spread them out and I also don't get a few of them that my Dr. says they don't need since they aren't in daycare. I think there are so many variables you just gotta find which is right for your fam. Anyway, enjoy all of your sleep!!! :)

Christy Beal said...

oh goodness. how do those things end up here? its deleted now - thanks for telling me!

Carrie Hellewell said...

OH MY GOSH!! It's my worst fear that the next baby I have will be a Peter duplicate. I HATE colic and have nightmares about getting another devil baby. I'm going to remember this and if I get "blessed" with another colic baby, you better believe I'm going to try it!

Glad things are better!!!

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

This is truely amazing! I can tell in your writing tone how much improved your babies are with this seemigly simple treatment. I swear when we FINALLY have our babies, I will totally have to remember this one, I would absolutely have thought baby chiro was a joke, but it is obviously the perfect thing for crunchy-granola mommy's like you (and hopefully me soon too!)
miss you guys!

Kelley Gubler said...

huh! so i am the least crunchy granola person out there and i had heard about chiropractors being able to help babies, but didn't think much of it. that is amazing! really unbelievable.

Heather and Dave said...

No way! I'm so glad it helped, and you're all sleeping now. I bet Brig and Spencer are happier now too :) I'm curious what the crazy comment was that Jayna discovered...haha!

Designing Woman said...

I read this out loud to Brett because it was hilarious and amazing! (Yes we are both at home at 1:45 in the afternoon...unemployed...awkward:)

I would have NEVER considered this but after your post I am definitely going to have an open mind. We have been a house divided on this topic, so I'm pretty sure Brett is thankful for your words.

Very interesting....

Glad you can sleep now, for pete sakes! :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I am glad that you found an answer!! I am still not a believer in the whole adjusting thing.... but have heard it works for many. I still don't know how you are doing it with two. I am scared to death to have 2. Seriously!!! I LOVE your hair btw. I am jealous of your length!!! It is soooo cute and the color is flawless!

Shelley Beal said...

Man, I want to go to this dr. now. That really does sound like a miracle. So glad things are going well for you all.

Julia & Darren said...

YAY! I LOVE the chiropractor. I started taking Corbin for his ear infections, and GONE he hasn't had any more. I'm a true believer, keep going it's so worth it!

SugarHouse Mama said...

I love my chiropractor. Seriously. I don't know what I'd do without him! Adjoa's getting sooo big, I've thrown my back out TWICE lifting her!

stadia said...

No one has a right to call you crazy or anything else. You are a supermom and always will be. I just hope you have four more...aint I evil?

Nicole said...

Awesome Christy. On the immuizations - I hate that there is so much controversy. I'm reading The Vaccine Book By Dr. Sears right now and it has helped me understand each vaccine better. So far we haven't immunized Belen. Are you familiar with the Green Smoothie Girl? Here is a post she has about it: Anyway, still on the fence.... good luck with your decision!

megan&steve said...

I'm so happy you are so happy. Great idea to help out & get the kiddos adjusted.
I've always gotten shots on time for the kids, I just hadn't researched otherwise.
Thanks to Sherrie for suggesting you blog about this!

Mitzi said...

If I ever have a baby with colic it will for sure be worth a try. I am so curious about the deleted comment. Funny. I believe in immunizations what can I say?

Kathryn said...

I stumbled across your blog by chance, while blog hopping. I too LOVE, LOVE my chiropractor for my kids particularly and my chiro actually used the 'clicker' on my sons stomach as well when he was out of sorts, worked a charm! I initially got my kids going at a very young age (2-3 weeks) as there is research to indicate that spinal allignments can prevent SIDS so I was all for that.
I love that you mentioned about going organic and eating healthy. That has been my mantra lately. I do Juice Plus which is whole food nutrition- awesome stuff! If you are at all interested, my site is www.kathrynandjuiceplus and you can for sure email or call me.

Jami said...

ok, so my daughter had not been sleeping well, her lower back and hip hurt (she is a big time gymnast), but read this and got her in - NO COMPLAINTS tonight at practice. She was a little sore after but has done great since. I want to do my boys and myself now!

Jami said...

ok, so my daughter had not been sleeping well, her lower back and hip hurt (she is a big time gymnast), but read this and got her in - NO COMPLAINTS tonight at practice. She was a little sore after but has done great since. I want to do my boys and myself now!