Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where o Where

Has my summer gone?

I have neglected to blog anything important this summer. Brigitte turned two - where was her post? Spencer is 3 months old - shouldnt I put up his stats? And I have bangs and look just like DORA (or so says my daughter) - doesnt that deserve photo credits??? YES!

and yet - no.

I am taking a major time out from stress. I just dont feel like I am enjoying my life. Can anyone relate? So I am determined to fix that. No more stuffing my day full of obligatory activities centered on rescuing others, completing work related tasks, and other non-specific duties that drain me.

I want to play with my kids. And photograph it. Sew a blanket and go the park to sit on it. Read a book. I didnt even get a tan this summer for petes sake! I feel run ragged. Maybe all I want to do is SLEEP!

So help me out and tell me your favorite way to unwind. De-stress. LIVE!


megan&steve said...

Sit by the pool with a trashy magazine to work on that tan. Bring the hubby to watch the kids, so you can relax & also get up and splash around.
I fill my day with friends/family and an activity to drain the kids energy, so they will nap. Napping makes me happy too!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Go out to lunch by yourself. No kids, no hubby - just YOU! It really is relaxing! Schedule it for the 24th and take Mockingjay with you. Keep the diet cokes comin' while you finsih Mockingjay in peace.
p.s. if you go to chilis order their molton chocolate cake. to.die.for!!!! For REALS, it is the best comfort food! mmmmm :)

jayna said...

Go to the zoo with your sister and nieces next thursday.


Let's let's do as Meg suggested and mod podge something fabulous!

Darcie said...

FIRST you get yourself a good quality pedicure and then you do as megan {above} says and get a tan while reading that trashy celeb magazine. once i'm feeling better i'll come hang out with you so we can wind down together.

Anna Beal said...

I don't know how you feel about driving 15 min. for a pool. But you seriously need to come with me. Its so much fun and the summer is coming to an end. So bring little B and S and we'll sit by the pool, eat junk and laugh our brains out :)

Erin said...