Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brigitte's "DO"

Here are a few pictures of Brigittes new hair. That last picture I posted just didnt do the cuteness level justice! Since the idea of a hot curling iron being held anywhere near Brigittes ever moving body is laughable, it looks ragged 99% of the time...but you get the idea! I wish I could tape a tiny microphone to her so you could all her the incessant hilarity that comes from this girl 24 hours a day. She is SO FUNNY. And a short sassy "do" suits her perfectly!

Brigitte on accusing spencer of stealing her money:
MOM - wheres my PURSE? NO NO panser! MY DOLLAR! 

On being caught with the chocolate cake in her lap:
I DID it! mmm delicious!
(And when she sees my disapproving face:)
Its ok Honey. I really sorry. Dont cry. ok?

On finding her naked holding a basket of care bears:
I ready for the BIG BATH! Oh NOOO! My carebears SOO POOPS! 
its ok honeys, we go to the BIG BATH! 

On wanting pop:
Oh no! Where's my spicy nougats??? Cant FIND it!


Darcie said...

LOL!! I repeat, LOL! and i heart that new do!

Anna Beal said...

Seriously Christy...she really is SOOO FUNNY. I crack up every time I see her, and I have to agree that the short sassy hair totally fits the personality! Love it! And love the little "butters".

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i love that she calls you honey. what a cutie!!! And that hair do and dress is SUPER cute on her!!!

Krystle said...

These pics are ADORABLE, she really looks very chic :) I read the Brigitte hilarity to Brett, I thought it was that funny! (Also, I really enjoyed the "Butters" post as well...he is also very adorable. Congrats on making some cute kids).

Heather and Dave said...

What a DOLL. Love your spicy chick-ita and little mr. butters. Your children are darling and hopefully they get your fun personality and sarcasim. I miss you christy crandall. It's like an ab workout for me reading your blog, from laughing so hard at the funny things you say. There is one photo below of Spencer that looks JUST like Brigitte. Glad you're enjoying mommy-hood! I've got little kate on bottles, but bottle or boob, it's the same 3 hours...except she sleeps through the night! BOOYA for that one! Wish I could help you out.

megan&steve said...

Sassy little do' and love the quotes. I say honey to my kids a lot too- they pick up on it and repeat it back.

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...


Nichole said...

Hilarious little girl! At least she has hair! Poor macy is still working through her mullet!

kecia said...

seriously? could that be any cuter?! I don't think so! Love it!