Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Meet "Butters". The worlds happiest little baby ever created. If you even LOOK at him, he lets out a big fat belly laugh. Its so nice to have a mellow low maintenance baby around! He is just a treat to squeeze, especially on Sundays when he is dressed up and smells clean :) I can even spike up his tiny hair a bit, which makes him look all sorts of grown up, so I dont do it too often. In fact, if I had my way, he would spend all his days in a jammie of sorts just so I could keep him a squishy baby longer.

His one and only flaw...is that he will NOT take a bottle! Formula OR breastmilk. And he eats around the clock every 3 hours come rain or shine - so there still is very little sleeping going on in our house. We have gotten him to drink formula a few times - but I cant figure out the trick, because 90% of the time he refuses violently.

At around 2 months old, we took to calling him "Butters"because he was so delicious and fat. But then at his 4 month checkup, the Dr told us he had actually lost weight. He had dropped from being in the 75th percentile to being in the 50th percentile.

So now, he is "I cant believe hes NOT butters."

I cant get over how much I LOVE having a boy baby. From start to finish (not that hes finished....) he has been an absolute breeze. Id look down and see my ginormous body and think "oh yeah, I forgot! Im pregnant!" and now that he is here - not much has changed. Brigitte will be singing and dancing, running circles around the living room naked with some kind of weapon in her hand - and there will be Butters. Just grinning along watching the show completely amused. And its almost like I forgot he was around.

When you pick him up he squeezes you with his little chubby pincher legs. And He loves TV. LOVES. LOVES. IT. In the morning he will watch baby einstein videos or yo gabba gabba and sit quietly mesmerized in his swing while I take a bath. Its devine.

All I can say is I am so glad I started with a spicy spirited child, and not Mr. Butters. If I had gotten this spoiled from the beginning I would have killed over and died when Brigitte came along. And plus, now i have a built in entertainer that keeps us all laughing. She is quite the babysitter.

Speaking of Brigitte - we cut her hair into a little bob a while ago. Its so cute, and it makes her look extra grown up. She is the chattiest most hilarious 2 year old on earth. She says to me, "I need chocolate milk, honey". And "Im awake! You HEAR me?" And my favorite: "Why'd you DO THAT honey?" She thinks she can sass us anyway she likes, as long as she tags the word 'honey' on the end to soften the blow.

Yes, we have our hands gloriously full!


Kristy said...

He is so yums! I LOVE chubby babies. How glorious that he is so easy going. I wouldn't say Graham is high maintenance, but the kid refuses to be put down and violently cries whenever I do. The day I go to the bathroom in silence will be a Christmas miracle. ha ha ha

megan&steve said...

I love your kids. Seeing all of the grandchildren/cousins together makes me so happy for you & Jayna to live close by. NOt sure how close, but closer than my sisters and I.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

your kids are beautiful!! when do i get the happiest baby on the planet???!? :) just kidding. really jax is great, just has his moments :)
p.s. i love the bob. super cute!!

you are one lucky mommma!!!

The Cannons said...

Butters is so cute. I don't know if it's a boy thing or what but ya Corbin was a much easier baby. My crabby Gabby keeps me on my toes for sure!

Dolly said...

Muito lindo o seu bebĂȘ, parabĂ©ns...