Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gabe turns Number 1

Gabey-baby turns....#1! Yes, thats right. Due to some awesome party planning on my part he got to blow out the only candle we had in the house. Brigittes. He didnt mind though. Something about turning #1 is a little sweeter than the bitter actuality of being 34. Gasp. Even typing it made me feel like a cradle robbed Lolita.

Lets recount how Gabe looked this past year as a strapping 33 year old in a few of his shining moments. Ill pause here to let you all acquire some greasy popcorn and hot tamales before the show starts. (And if its just me who is craving those things, then well, fine.)

FIRST and foremost: he became a father to his first son. This was momentous for 3 reasons. First with Spencer in the picture, that meant that our Brigitte girl could finally be treated like the dainty feminine flower that she is. (stop that laughing). I finally got to put my foot down and buy her some carebears instead of the Redskins outfit Gabe had his eye on. Secondly - Gabe was allowed his lifelong dream of a namesake. He violently demanded with tears in his eyes whilst waving the birth certificate wildly in the air... that his "boy" be given his name. Okay Okay. Ill pay for counselling later. Spencer Gabe Beal it is. And then as if I wasnt generous enough - he demanded thirdly that he be allowed to dress the baby in whatever manly fashion he should choose. So I sit silently as I show you this picture:

I dont have to say a word because - Spencer's face says it all.

In all honesty - Gabe is the BEST Dad in the world. He loves our babies more than I have ever thought possible from a man. He tells me all the time that we have the worlds most adorable and sweet children. (But thats only because Brigitte butters him up with hugs so she can have swigs of his mountain dew.) She completely controls him and I am constantly taking notes from her on how to get my way. The children need one parent who is bare feet outside, wrestling, one more song at bedtime, and chocolate milk on demand. When Daddy's home its always "lord of the flies" - and Gabe is their king.

Not long ago I came home late from mutual to find this sight. Brigitte wanted to wear her "Dora swim pannies" OVER her jammies. ANd also she did NOT want to sleep in her bed. No problem sweetie. Daddy thinks you look beautiful in swim diapers and he is happy to snuggle you WAY passed bedtime.

Another momentous occasion to document: The Fence. Or should I say, "The planks of wood that nearly destroyed a marriage." Yes, that sounds more accurate. My craft loving Bob Villa husband painstakingly researched, planned, and made drawings of his Fence masterpiece on grid paper. He showed it to me. (It looked like a Jackson Pollack painting minus the colors and hidden nuances of insanity) "Great!" I said in my most supportive tone. I would love a fence. And truly I would have. IF it would have been a few planks of wood put forth in a nice straight line and all within a neat timely hour.

About the time he called me from his office telling me he was running a little late because he had to pick up some WELDING tools...I knew I should have paid closer attention to the damn blueprints. WHAT are you welding my dear? The GATE he says. gate? gate? No. No recollection of a Gate being talked about. He says to me - It was in the drawings. you looked at them. You said you liked it. And I need to get the gates done before I can start on the PILLARS. Im pretty sure I sank to the floor clutching the phone. Pillars? (whisper this in an angry tone with me, wont you?)

Well maybe I had said it was fine. Maybe I had even encouraged it. Who knows. I was great with child and teetering on the brink of sleep deprivation induced hysteria when he had shown the drawings to me. And clearly I needed a urim and thummim to translate them into wife language.

So - a word to the wise my friends. If your husband presents a proposed project complete with grid paper them. closely.

Well ... 5 months later here we are with the worlds most elaborate, expensive, beautifully rustic, perfectly positioned FENCE. Complete with 3 gates. And 4 hand stacked rock pillars. I have to say, despite my angry outbursts and fist waving on how lengthy and involved this ended up being - it truly is a sight to behold. All who sees his handywork is astounded and amazed. Including me. His ultra supportive wife who smiles and says to all: "yes, I knew it would be amazing!" And it is.

*Small sidenote. Spencer came home from the hospital the day the construction began. My total and complete lack of wiferly support can be pretty much excused based on the fact that I suddenly became the single mother to two demanding babies all at once...while Gabe was in the garage with a helmet, face mask, and welding iron. But it IS wonderful dear to have a fence! (finally!)

Getting ready to place the capstone of the first rock pillar.

Im not sure how to sum up all the shirtless athletics that went down during year 33. So Ill just post this picture. HUBBA HUBBA. Sorry ladies - that layup was for me.

I just completed a 30 day "Encourage your husband" challenge. In the past, when my loving Brother In Law Hart asked permission to "speak freely" ... he kindly informed me of my sometimes "abrasive commentary" when it came to my sweet husband. WHAT? Me? verbally abusive? Okay okay. I agree at times it has been difficult to bite my tongue when something innocently sarcastic pops into my brain. A story to illustrate:

We went to Sun Valley with Hart and Jory right before Christmas last year. While there, Gabe mentioned to me that he looked just like Bruce Willis - and I accidentally broke into hysterics. But then realized that yes in fact they were both bald and short. Although I should NOT have said so aloud.

And later that night when he went skiing and left me in the lodge he casually reminded me to "not run away with Bruce while he was gone" to which I replied, "Dont worry honey, hes not my type."

And Hart overheard and labeled me a Gabe Hater. Even though he was laughing hysterically too.

The truth is, Bruce willis could never be my type, because Gabe is perfectly my type and anyone else could NEVER measure up. (Thats what I really meant Hart. Of course).

Anyway. I digress.

Back to my 30 day challenge. Last month I was furious over the fence not being done, priorities being out of line, stress over church callings, the wildness of the children, etc....and I stumbled upon someone else who had done this challenge. So I decided to get the emails and make a conscious effort to ENCOURAGE Gabe, instead of ignoring his good qualities or noticing but not mentioning them.

It was a success. The more I complimented his attention to detail (translation: slower than molasses construction), the more thoughtful he was of me. It worked like a charm. Soon we were in love again like old times and all was right in the world.

For 30 days I focused on all of Gabes good qualities. Even if it was just in my own mind. And it made me appreciate him so much more for all the things he takes care of for me. He is good at working all day long, then coming home to the crazy littles for even more work. He does dirty diaper disposal, car maintenance, yard work, unclogging drains from the skeins of hair Ive recently lost, and even makes a mean batch of chili. All while having a good and joyful attitude. And really - that is just the tip of the iceburg. Its his character qualities that are the best things about him. He has a gift for teaching others without coming across as judgemental. He is very patient.He can read people well and is great at taking the edge off of awkward situations.He is ALWAYS happy and has an infectious exuberance about him. He manages to be Honest without being critical, and secretly he is very obedient and would never want to lead others astray by his bad example. He always paints me in good light to others, and I think people like him because he makes them feel included and important.

He is a very attractive man, in case you havent noticed.

Im glad you're mine Gabe. Good job picking me as your wife. Just another thing I appreciate about you ;) Happy Birthday Baby!


megan&steve said...

Happy Birthday GABE! You have an awesome family and I feel like I know you better with the way Christy loves you so much.

stadia said...

First of all Christy, I owe you an apology for messing up your son's name. Somewhere I swear I read his name was Spencer Gabe so i have been calling him Spencer. Little did I realize that his name really was Gabe jr.

Secondly, your right. Gabe is just perfect for you. You doth compliment each other. Always love each other no matter what.

Designing Woman said...

Awh, what a cute tribute. Thanks for summarizing the last year for me, I feel up to date now. Also, the picture of Spencer is definitely AMAZING!

Sherry Bobbins said...

Loved the post (s)! Glad you put on something new! Every day or so I check to see if there are some pictures of the grandkids or anything new but its still the ghost story there so I LUV the new post! Spencer is such a good sport to wear that bandana!

jayna said...

This was a keeper...just like Gabe. happy birthday to a young nude Cary Grant!

Erin said...

happy birthday Gabe!!!

christy you are soo lucky to have found bruce willis.

Darcie said...

happy belated to the gabe! christy, you're right- spencer's face does say it all in those pics. hilarious!