Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Goals + a ghost story

Ok so here are my goals for this year. Dont laugh.

1. Give up pork products. Sigh.
2. Reborn a doll (oh dont worry, I am fully ready for your criticism and mockery)
3. Keep a cleaner house! Notice I said cleanER. Not clean. My house will never be clean! I am a person with realistic ambitions...
4. Read more. With my new lamp that I am going to buy when I complete #5.
5. Decorate our Master Bedroom! Goodbye depressing oatmeal colors. Hello something undecided yet vibrant!
6. Sew a curtain for the kitchen window. I am determined that the innocent people who roam my neighborhood will no longer have to see me makeup-less (and often scantily clad) first thing in the morning. NOBODY should have to see that, even people who have dogs.
7. Potty train my daughter. I know it should be simple. And yet, she somehow makes it soooo complicated. And I dread the fights over which "pannies" shes going to wear. And how many pairs. And where precisely she wants to wear them. Ive never known a girl so in love with underwear outside her pants.
8. GET. MORE. SLEEP. hahahahahahah
9. Throw Spencer a cute first birthday bash.
10. Buy new clothes. Silly I know. But every dime always goes to the kids and my sad sad wardrobe isnt lookin so hot these days.
11. Train to run a HALF marathon. Yes, you heard it here first. I will be training this year. Maybe next year I will actually RUN it. We'll see. Then again, maybe next week I will delete this from my list.
12. Get back to pre-Spencer weight. this may never happen.
13. Force my husband to watch more Audrey Hepburn movies with me.
14. Learn some delicious healthy cooking recipes. goodbye Paula Deen. We will miss you. And the bacon. Sigh.
15. Learn to bake bread. So far... yeast has remained my ever constant enemy.
16. Take more pictures of the kids!

So it seems that our little ghosty friend is back. You may recall our strange hauntings that took place when I was pregnant with Spencer. We thought they had vanished for good these past 8 months because all has been quiet around the house. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Last month Brigitte was standing in the kitchen playing when allof a sudden she stopped and looked over to the staircase. With a huge smil eon her face she pointed up and shouted, "LOOK MOM! THERE HE IS! THE BOY! ooohhh, there he is! " and she was all dancing around and crazy legs. I walked over to her and said What boy Brigitte? Where is he? And she said "Look, there he is, ooooh hes so CUTE! And she was pointing right up to the landing half way up the stairs. ummmm. WEll obviously I couldnt see anyone there. She turned around and went over to her toys, grabbed some care bear figurines to play with and came back to the kitchen. She  glanced back to the stairs a few times, so I asked her "where did the boy go?" And she very sadly told me that the "boy was all gone honey."

So nothing else weird had happened, no sightings, freak noises, or anything exciting at all. Until today.

We came home from the Chiropractor and I sat down to check my email. The kids were all over the place with toys and snow white was blaring on the TV. All of a sudden brigitte was half way up the stairs yelling at the "Goat" to get out of her room right now! She was VERY mad and was just talking incessantly "no NO goat! Thats Brigi's room ok honey? You dont touch it my bed and my belle and beast book ok! OK!"  I went up the stairs and picked her up and said Brigitte who are you yelling at? Theres nobody in your room! And she looked me right in the eye and said "theres a goat in there." So seeking for some clarification I said "The baby einstein goat?" (which is the only goat she has ever seen in her life). NO, she said. A GOAT.

So, somewhat hesitantly I asked.....A GHOST?
And she nodded her head and said "YES! A GOAT!" thats a little boy goat in it the room touching my bed and it my book.

So there you have it. My child sees goats.



Shelley Beal said...

Oh my!

Whitney said...

I think that would freak me out a little!!! When did this little boy "goat" come into your lives? Wow you have some good goals, my 2011 goal is to just make it through the year, oh wait I should say just make it through the day!!! With babysitting 2 kids and having 2 kids and being 7 month pregnant I wake up just hoping I make it!!! Hope you all are doing well!!!

Maren said...

i'm telling you what, you need to get yourselves hooked up with the ghostbusters because these stories are creeping me out. for real. then on the other hand maybe if you reborn a doll that will creep the GHOST out and he'll leave. then again maybe you like ghosts, just like freaky little chucky dolls. but seriously, this is cuckoo.

Sherry Bobbins said...

oh dear, a ghost was bad enough but a GOAT! Well at least he seems harmless enough although I would tell that ghost goat boy to leave the house immediately. And I'm not ever staying there alone again! I love your new blog look - so cute! I also set goals for the new year so far so good!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

ugggh! that gives me the creepers!!!

i think your goals this year are great! i would love to actually get together with you sometime this year and really get to know you! through cyber space, you seem fab!!! :)
what strategy are you using for potty training? good luck! :)

jayna said...

Do what you always do...tell the boy goat to fold the clothes for you!

Love the new look!

Lisa Stewart said...

Hey Christy! I just love your blog! Keep up the good work... ~ Lisa

Mitzi said...

Oh my, I think I just peed my pants a little. You are freaking me out!

Darcie said...

i LOVE that one of the goals is to train for a 1/2 marathon!!! It makes me sad inside that you are giving up on pork products. but at least you have turkey bacon, right? I have no further comments on your reborn a doll.

Brandon & Amber said...

Oh that is just too funny! My girls both have had imaginary friends...we just welcome them like they are real! And Brooklyn has a little baby chick that comes around sometimes, maybe the chick and the goat can be friends?! :) Got to love little kids imaginations!

Heather and Dave said...

Way to go on the healthy eating and trying to sleep more and get more cute clothes! It is SOOO tough to find motivation to do things for myself, so let me know if you find any tricks ;) The nursing is getting my baby weight off, but is this body toned? Nooo honey (as brig would say! hah, she's so cute.)
Sorry to hear the ghost is back. How scary that she can see him! I would be freaking out and trying to find a ghostbuster...or a story on who lived in your home previously. I just got the shivers and am thinking about the 6th sense. YIKES!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the add, I look forward to learning a lot here.

H & C said...

1) Totally love your goals!
2) Of course I remember you, you're a doll and we had fun staying with you and your hubs when Sam got married.
3) Running, yes. It's still becoming a hobby of mine. But there are many Boise runs. Use this website for your reference for more runs this year:
Take note that this doesn't include The Race for the Cure in May and Womens Celebration in like September.
4) Do you live in Boise now?!

kecia said...

ok that story is hilarious! I am lovin your new years resolutions! good luck with them! what is the reborn a doll all about?