Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How NOT to cook.

Oh my HECK! Have you ever had one of those days tooling around the house - getting things done and organized  - and then all of a sudden you look at the clock and its 2:30 in the afternoon and YOU HAVENT EVEN BRUSHED YOUR TEETH????

I am disgusting.

I am still in pajamas
no shower
sick pony tail

And brigitte is in her high chair eating this for a snack:
 yes it is Nutella on ritz crackers. Or as I call them around here: desperate oreos.

I am taking all our toys from downstairs and going through them. I am so TIRED of my house being completely overrun with noisy toys and tiny little clutter! Im giving away some, and the rest is going in the kid's bedrooms!

I put Brigittes little kitchen in her closet and organized all the food and dishes in buckets. Not 2 minutes later I came up with another load of junk to put away and there she was - cooking away! Every dish, spoon, and plastic piece of food she owned was scattered about. Bless her little helping heart! So I then got smart and banished her to Spencer's room (where they both sat playing in his crib like caged animals!) and went back to clean up. 

I had to laugh when I saw what she had been cooking. On the stove top in a sauce pan was a newborn beanie hat from the dress up box - with a mystery object wrapped up inside it. I took a closer look - and in horror realized she had very carefully wrapped up her little pink zhu zhu pet hamster!

I went to spencers room, held it out to her and said Brigitte what are you cooking? And she goes, Heeeeyyyy - thats MY Burrito! 

I think we need to work on our cooking skills....... and I dont think Brigitte will be getting any pets any time soon!


kecia said...

that is HILARIOUS!!!!

Sherry Bobbins said...

too funny! I'm sorry that I added to your toy clutter. I completely forgot the bags of toys Jayna sent over to come to our house. Just add to it - we've got lots of storage room!

Jana said...

I have a sneaking suspicious that Brigitte would be able to survive out in the wild, NO problem. Meanwhile, I'm still pondering the nutella and ritz cracker combo. I love nutella, but is it really good with the salty ritz? Is it so wrong it's right? I'm seriously intrigued...

Erin said...

okay i want to meet this little bridgette girl of yours. She makes me smile. Every story you tell makes me laugh.

lynnett said...

Christy, thanks for sharing the story about Kareen! I have e-mailed every one on my contact list asking them to read her story and please donate! Your blog is great! Has the "goat" been around lately?