Monday, February 7, 2011

I just have to say....

By the time the half time electronic fergie-liciousness came to an end last night I felt so relieved. Are you kidding me? My buffalo wings couldnt even take the sting out of what I was seeing. Fergie was like tinkerbell from hell.  Who's sole purpose was to gyrate (ew) on stage in her tiny stripper outfit. NEXT TO THE SLASH, I might add. GROSS!!!!! I dont recall any singing. I do however have a slight headache from the astro-glow suits that attempted to jive in sync with the computer-tronic voices.

needless to say,
it was NOT the time of my life.

Our Chiropractor today said it best: " I would rather have spent 30 minutes watching stupid human tricks."

I dont mean to offend anyone who thought the half time show was the best ever. Its just for me, who personally doesnt believe in football - well, I rely on the musical number for some much needed relief in an otherwise looong boring night. And I was so very disappointed. Its like, we got flashed by Janet Jackson, and now this. I may have to ban the superbowl forever.

But hey, at Least Christina Aguilera sang the wrong words to the National Anthem.


MTZ said...

LOLing @ you don't believe in football. :)

Heather and Dave said...

Right there with you sistah. The glow suits and screaming made us turn it on mute :)

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