Friday, February 4, 2011

The black hole of Winter

Dear January, February, March, and possibly April:

I beg you. Please please, go away. Take your chilly frigid wind, and constant drab grayness  - and just disappear. Dont come back. And take this dreaded flu and virus season with you.

Dear California:
Please move to Idaho.

The Beals

What a month we have had over here. Sick sick sick. Thats what we have been. Ever since Christmas, we have been fighting off this terrible sickness. They say its viral. I say its terminal. Every single one of us has been sick off and on for weeks. And im

Poor Spencer. On sunday night he was so sick he was delirious. He was burning up so we gave him some tylenol and put him to bed. He got up around 4 am and I fed him, gave him more tylenol and put him back to bed. Around 6 am we were jolted awake when we heard this weird high pitched scream coming from Spencer's room. Gabe ran in and picked him up and he was on fire. Then I noticed he was doing something weird with his arms and legs - and all of a sudden I realized Spencer was having a seizure. He was looking at us - but he just had this terrified expression and wasnt really seeing us. His arms and legs were tremoring and his body was completely rigid.

Then all of a sudden he stopped seizing, started crying like normal - and projectile vomited everywhere. I laid him down to change his clothes and he seized again. He had maybe 4 little episodes in about 3 minutes. Gabe quickly gave him a blessing, and we called Hart to come over and stay with Brigitte while we ran to the ER. By the time we got to the hospital the fever was gone, and Spencer was looking and acting like nothing had happened. They told us he had had a febrile seizure, that he would be sleepy all day and that it most likely would never happen again.

We followed up at his pediatricians who reiterated what the ER docs had told us. She said he had a crazy virus that causes severely high fevers for 5-7 days - and it was going around. She told us to keep him on Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours around the clock, even in the night. It was an exhausting few days!

All day Monday after the seizure Spencer was delirious. He wouldnt even lift up his head or interact at all. He wanted to be held at all times and his hot little cheeks were so sad. He just moaned in his sleep and whimpered all day long. Finally on Tuesday my sister took Brigitte for a few hours and my mom came in to stay the night so we could get some sleep after 48 constant hours of tending to Spencer. By wednesday his fevers were still getting up to 104 and I thought it was never going to end!!!

But alas, I am happy to say that last night we had NO FEVERS! I think we are over the worst of it at least. Sick babies are the saddest things in the world! And I have never seen a child so sick in my life. Now we live in fear that Brigitte will get it - but so far so good.

Boy am I ready for some sunshine and normalcy! I hadn't left the house in a week straight so last night when Gabe got home I busted out for a bit. It was great to wander around Ross without the kids for an hour. To ward off the stir crazy, I think I am going to start jogging right when Gabe gets home from work at 5. I havent been able to lose these last 10 pounds of baby weight (thanks a lot jalepeno poppers!) and it has GOT to go! Plus I just need to get outside! Even if its 40 degrees on a warm day.

Other mood boosting projects on the horizon? I want to repaint the red wall in my dining room to bright green. My kitchen needs a curtain sewn, and Im going to spray paint a maroon wingback chair into a pink wingback chair. Thats right, spray paint.  The lazy way to reupholster.

What have you been doing to fight the winter blues?


Anna Beal said...

Oh my is SO the "Black Hole". I'm living in it too, and I don't think the runny noses will ever go away. We had some fevers around here but NOTHING like you described with Spencer! Holy Crap! I'm thinking I need to invest some money in a personal tanning bed and just sleep in it so I can get some happy vitamin D UV's....maybe that would encourage me to get on the dumb treadmill so I can lose my unwanted 10 as well. Anyway, I am combating the winter blues by going out once a week without the kids. It helps. Let me know if you want to join me. Even for some "window" retail therapy. :)

the Allers said...

Holy Moly - we're in the same boat. Stuck in the house with sick Preston who's had a fever for 5 days. Low grade though. Hoping Ells doesn't get it.

Winter blues get worse each year, and this year they are epic. I feel a mental break down coming along. I have a few projects I could do....also our taxes, but usually curling up on the couch is more of an enticement.

The gym helps, when I muster up the energy to go. But that does also mean walking the cold.....

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

same over here. we are all a bunch of sickies :( the virus that is going around is NO FUN at all!!! :(

but i heard spring is supposed to come early this year..... here's praying! :)

Mitzi said...

Oh man that is so scary. I would have freaked out! I'm glad he is getting better. No worries about the babysitting, I mean it was a little crazy but it wasn't a big deal. I should have been paying closer attention to what Corbin and Brigitte were doing.

I am so ready for spring. I take my kids out 2 to 3 times a week to story time and to the play gym to help us all cope. I like my tv shows and occasional sewing projects. I really wish I could motivate myself to deep clean or paint or something really production. Oh well! Here's to spring!

Shelley Beal said...

That was horrifying! Oh my, poor little Spencer. I'm so glad things are looking up.

Designing Woman said...

Wow, scary. Glad he's feeling a little better.

This post also makes me want to never move north of LA :)

jayna said...

Poor Butters. Hope he's back to his buttery goodness now!