Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The happenings

Ok. So there is much to catch up on - and yet...I have lost that loving feeling towards my blog. So forgive me if this is less than exciting. But I fell I must POWER THROUGH my writing slump :)

It may interest you all to know, (not shock you - but interest you...) that my strapping stallion of a husband just came downstairs into the kitchen, requesting my undivided attention while he performed a "catwalk" show modeling his new puma outfits. Apparently he took it upon himself to splurge on a running jacket, button down shirt and new pair of fashion shoes. The last of which he needed like a hole in his head because he has more shoes than Imelda Marcos. And when I told him that, he looked at me and said, "What we have here (hand motion over his outfit) is a SUCCESS story." It was hard to argue with his confidence. 

So rewinding back to May...I had a birthday. again. I cant really believe I am 29. The last year of my youth - somehow I must hold on. I have patches of gray hair sprouting through the brown and if it gets much worse I may abandon all efforts at disguising it and throw in the towel like my mother in law did and just go blonde. Can you picture me as a blonde? Its pretty awful. Like everyone in college I jumped on the bandwagon and tried it once. But whereas my sister looked fresh and cute and adopted the nickname "Malibu" it just made me look a little "spanglish" if you get my drift. Nobody with eye brows as dark as mine can pull of cute golden locks of sunshine. It just aint natural.

So for my birthday we took an eensy weensy yet highly necessary trip over to our good friend Seattle's house. And oh yes, we also pretended that we needed to go on account of our Anniversary back in April. 4 years is a very long time for me to be committed to anything, let alone a man. Let alone a man who shaves his legs more often than I do  because he loves the way his calves look. Its ok, I love the way his calves look too (mostly when they are running into a Nordstroms to purchase me a pair of jeans..) So it works out well me and him.  

Seattle is just one of my favorite cities EVER. Sort of because of Grays Anatomy. And sort of because of the shopping. But MOSTLY because its big and exciting with fresh air and lots to do and see. Snoqualmie falls, Pikes place market, Alki beach. And best of all we came home driving this beauty: 

The new baby wagon. This was the only feasible solution to our upcoming 3 car-seat dilemma. I tried and tried to find a used minivan that didnt make me cry...but my vanity (or hormones maybe?) won out and thanks to the fact that it is a 2003 and has about a million miles on it...we could afford it.  I said adieu to my little Passat and am now the proud owner of this Infinity. And I must admit, I AM IN LOVE! If only I wasnt hazardous and dangerous driving it around town. ITS HUGE compared to what Im used to! So if you see me walking about a mile away from a store, just know its because Im scared to park it very close to other cars....

Ok, so after the Seattle trip we came home and what was supposed to be the happiest day of the summer turned into the start of a month long depression. (See previous post). Im still slightly in the Twilight zone like the rest of my family, but the sunshine helps and also these little cuddly rascals that I get to squeeze daily:

I am in constant danger of turning into a crazy cat lady. But being able to recognize it is the first step in healing.... and dont worry, we arent keeping them. All these kittens have homes picked out and in a few weeks I will have to send them on their way. Their mother was one of the strays that took up residence in the playhouse last December. I love her and bought her a pink collar with a bell, so she will be our cat from now on. Right after I get the little hussy spayed that is. As much as I love kittens I dont want her popping out 4 batches a year and then dying from exhaustion like my old cat Scout. Plus, if you take a look at the little black and white kitten on the left you may agree with me that she has somewhat questionable taste in men. 

So...our summer of cold ticks on. I am 5 months along on monday. That is CRAZY. Our big ultrasound is on wednesday and I am full of anxiety about it. We arent finding out the gender, but I am just sick with worry that something is wrong. I know paranoia is best friends with my constant companion hormonal imbalance, so i try to just stay calm and tell myself im being crazy. But in light of recent events the blinders have been completely ripped off and for the first time, Im just scared about all the what ifs. I feel prepared to handle just about anything that might come along, but still. And also I will have to admit that in a few short months my life will be over until I learn how to juggle 3 babies at once. Talk about a circus. Please start sending self help books my way. And until then I will continue doing what I have been doing in order to cope: deny, deny, deny.

And speaking of little miracles, my friend Kecia is in Ukraine finalizing her adoption right now. With all the bad in the world, there is still so MUCH good. So many amazing people doing incredible things. Many times this month I had to hop over to their adoption blog for a little pick me up. I highly recommend it. Have you EVER seen a cuter little girl in your life??? They named her Mia. 

And another moment of divine intervention came when I found out that this little guy had a family committed to adopting him. He stole my heart and I even went so far as to beg Gabe to just consider adopting him. He had to calmly remind me that I was 12 weeks pregnant at the time. But I looked at his picture a lot, and now I will get to blogger stalk his happy life with his family here in the USA. Im so thankful and so relieved that he is going to get the chance to be somebody.

Go here to see all the kids who need families. You never know...maybe YOUR child is waiting there! It sure shocked Kecia to see Mias picture and instantly say "Oh my gosh, MY CHILD is living in an orphanage in Eastern Europe!! Maybe one belongs to you :)

Hmmm. Well that wraps up this evening's addition of random updates. Im off to Mutual to play games with teenagers in the church gym. Sometimes its nice to be 16 again. 

Ill try to be more attentive little blog. Ill try. 


megan&steve said...

I loved the update, welcome back Christy. The new mommy mobile will keep you and the little ones safe and it has some sweet rims.
Good luck at the Ultra sound and keep praying for a healty little baby beal.
I'm thinking about you.

Nichole said...

Missed you!

jayna said...

You are the most gorgeous Michelle Duggar/ Cat lady I know, and everything is going to be alright. Although I wish I could find out what you're having!!!

Heather and Dave said...

What cute kitties and HOT new wheels! Hope you're feeling good with #3 on the way. Are you keeping it a surprise? I just saw Jayna's comment. Glad to see you're back to blogging, the world missed your fun and sassy comments. Also - your hubby is hilarious with his shoe fetish. You painted a perfect picture of his catwalk dance with the puma gear :)