Sunday, June 12, 2011

To Know, Or Not To Know...

That IS the question.

Our big 20 week Ultrasound is just around the river bend. In 3 day measly days I will finally get to see what I can barely believe to be our 3rd child. I have been in such huge denial that most days I forget about the pregnancy completely. Plus there is never a dull moment around here, so who has time to sit and contemplate the miracle of life when Brigitte and Spencer make me question my sanity on a minute by minute basis? I swear there are days that if a peddler came to my doorstep with magic beans, I would give him my children in exchange. Just kidding.

But can I just say that after many (and I do mean MANY) exhaustive attempts to potty train my soon to be 3 year old - she is still in diapers. Disgusting, expensive - and its all ending tomorrow. I bought all the necessary supplies and I am DONE with diapers for her. In fact she ran out this weekend and I didnt go buy more. She is currently squeezing into Spencers little size 4s. And although I will miss her little diaper wedgies and the innocence of seeing her as a baby still - she is just too HUGE to be changed one more day. Ill admit, maybe if I had been a bit more diligent in trying I could have pushed her into success, but morning sickness combined with  Spencer constantly being sick, not to mention all the peeing on the floor was just too much these past 3 months. So the day has come, the time is now. Tomorrow will be the last day I will find this smiling face hiding behind furniture with a big stinky bomb in her pants: beware the innocence in her eyes....

Brigitte has deemed herself "Kitten Master" and keeps all 4 of her captives under strict observation. One minute she has them all in the tent in the backyard, and the next they are all tucked into her little microwave in her kitchen. We keep having to have these talks about appropriate kitten rules,Like "dont pick them up by the neck" and "The kittens dont like to go high in the swing".  But like always when you try to make her listen or understand the rules she ignores you completely and stares at you like she doesnt speak english. Her favorite thing to do with them is to arrange them amongst her stuffed animals. She gets so frustrated that they wont stay put and I hear her scolding them with, "no no kitten! That is a VERY bad choice!" as they try to scramble away to save themselves....poor kitties.

Spencer has been his cute little self lately, although turning into a real boy right before my eyes. Thank goodness he has remained my mild mannered child. He does throw little fits, but only when he is so tired he is about to die. He has yet to show any signs of aggression over toys or Brigiitte stealing things from him - for which I am truly thankful because she does that a lot. He is so easy going that we jokingly tell people that he suffers from depression. The one thing he loves more than anything is being outside. Preferably with Gabe. If Dad is around (or any guy for that matter) he wont leave them alone. I think its because Gabe always takes him into the garage where he gets into all kinds of huge messes. Sometimes he just sits in his bike and watches Gabe use power tools, and he couldnt be happier. He is obsessed with dogs and there is nothing cuter than seeing him with Jaynas puppy Rosie. She sort of chews on his hands and he just squeals with glee.  Dont worry though, there will be no puppies in our future - we bought him a stuffed animal dog and Im hoping that can keep him at bay until he's 12. Until then he has enjoyed squeezing our kittens to death...

This past week I have been a cooking fool! Sometimes I get in these wild moods where I just want to fill up foil pans with freezable treasures! I had the perfect excuse with my sisters Tonsillectomy / sinus surgery coming up next week - plus I have been cooking for Curt and Kallie in an effort to keep distracted from the sadness. So yesterday I busted out 4 recipes and tripled them for the 3 families. My freezer looks like Im preparing for some huge mormon get together. I figure it can only help my situation since come this fall I will permanently be out of cooking commission. Its always a challenge to find decent meals that are gluten free (my neice has Celiac) but I found a few that turned out great! Just in case anyone out there is looking for something that "freezes Beautifully" here is what I made:
1. Swedish Meatballs (which I serve with Pioneer Woman's Mashed Potatoes!)
2. Enchilada Casserole
3. Amish Breakfast Casserole
4. Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas - my own recipe
5. Chicken Rococo (Making this one tomorrow if the potty training allows!)

There is just something therapeutic about cooking for me. Or maybe its eating.... but I just really love devouring or giving away a good meal. I get it from both sides of my family - food is just synonymous with being together and having a good time. I come from a long line of over- feeders. For some reason its in my genes!

I have also been reading up a storm in an effort to keep my mind busy. I often go through phases where I just want to read and read and do nothing else. My friend Melinda made a 911 stop over at my house with an armful of books last week and I just returned them and got a new stack. Its so exciting. Here is the list just in case you are looking for a good read too...

Just finished:
Pioneer woman's from Black Heels to tractor wheels
The black velvet gown
Still Alice
Glass Castle (ive read this before, but its just so good I read it again!)

Currently reading:
Maddie Spensers Diary

Starting soon:
Gap Creek
Captain Blood

In whatever "spare" time I have had this past week I have been helping my friend Amy plan her sisters baby shower. We decided on a vintage circus theme, and I am SO excited at how its coming along. We are doing puffs in orange, turquoise, green, yellow, and red. There will be animal figurines crawling around the tables, vintage popcorn bags, posters I created that say B is for Boy and Balanace, and C is for Circus. I think its going to be super cute. Ill have to post more pics of the final reveal in a few weeks. 

And the last final bit of updating comes to you courtesy of Gabe who has been over the past 3 months, slaving away to build us a new dining room table. Our old one was bar height and way too tall for the kids to sit on the chairs, so we sold it on craigslist exactly for $1 more than I had paid for it in San Diego 4 years ago! Score! So here is the progress so far: Thats right. Table legs.

To his credit there was an ENORMOUS amount of work that had to be done prior to the actual staining and assembly. First he had to get the wood in shape to be used since it was salvaged from another project. The nails had to be removed, it had to be plained by mill so it was all even and smooth. And then there were countless hours spent sanding. And then finally the "Distressing" of the wood - which I have to say caused me a little anxiety to watch. Gabe built these crazy weapons like a paddle with a cluster of 10 tiny nails sticking out of the end and he would smack the wood with it here and there. Not to mention a legit hatchet that put on a few artsy gashes. Oh my, i took the children in doors during that part because the last thing we need is for Brigitte to get in her head that it is fun to "distress" stuff. After the roughing up of the wood there was lots and lots of sanding. And finally the varnish and glossing began. I cant wait for it to be done so we can actually sit and eat somewhere other than the couch! Here is the inspiration table from pottery barn...but I have to say ours is going to be so much cooler! We are pairing it with 2 benches and 2 big captains chairs at the ends.

So thats pretty much it around here!!!! 


jayna said...

Love it all...the babies, the kitties, the food, the table....

Remember if I die in surgery, pluck my girls' eyebrows when they're twelve.

Heather and Dave said...

I think you should find out. I think the surprise is just as much fun at the ultrasound...but what do I know? I'm as impatient as they come. Good luck potty training...I would do pull-ups at night for awhile still. It's no fun washing tons of sheets each day. Reward her when she keeps them dry and she'll quickly be ready for panties 24-7.
Sweet new kitchen table!! You scored marrying a handy man! Ps- saw my first episode of storage wars today on tv and thought of you and the crazy break-in you had a few hrs ago. Haha. Cute kitties too. Your kids are darling!!

megan&steve said...

Having one of each already, you should find out what baby number 3 is. Then you can have a vintage circus baby shower too!
That table looks amazing. I love the kitty squeezes too.
Good luck with potty training. Whatever ends up working best, I hope it goes smoothly.