Monday, June 27, 2011

Im on a roll!

Wow. Something amazing has happened to me this week. Not only did I pack on 6 lbs since my last post - but I have all this crazy awesome energy! I think that its a complete myth that you feel normal again around 12 weeks of pregnancy. I had night sickness all last month - and still do if I dont eat something before bed. And I was tired all day every day -- until recently. And WOWZA. Do I feel great! Im waking up daily ready to go have fantastic outdoor adventures with my wild Jungle Book children! This is doubly odd, since usually Im begging the children to read books, be quiet, and entertain themselves - while I tick by the seconds counting down to naptime - AND me, who will usually create ANY excuse to avoid nature and or the outdoors. Partly I want to get a tan, which motivates me to shave my legs and step in to the light... But mostly Im just LOVING rolling out of bed and throwing the kids in the car and going to a park or beach or anywhere really. They are easier and happier outside. So I run them ragged and when they pass out from exhaustion in the afternoon....I do a craft or bake something. This MUST be nesting. Ive never had it before. ITS MARVELOUS!

Last week we went to Lucky Peak (Sandy Point), Settlers park, and the Zoo. Today we had a lunch and playdate with two friends, and then we made dress up tutus. So far this week we have a trip to Ivy Wild pool planned, and I have a baby shower dinner downtown that I am way looking forward to. Mostly because we are eating here and they have cheese plates :) We are also doing a fireworks/appetizer party on Saturday night with a bunch of friends and family. It should be way fun.

Here are the random things I have made in the past week...dont be alarmed at the number of food items. Im a hungry hungry hippo these days.

Check out my changing table makeover! This used to be white with a super ugly tan changing pad cover. I painted it "meadow grass" and sewed 3 new covers. I think its a drastic improvement over the original!

Hair clips...not amazing and still a work in progress. But look at me with my glue gun skills! And boy oh boy will they look incredible on my son if the child I am carrying is turns out to be a "He"  instead of a "She!"

Crescent Rolls! The very first batch that I have ever made - THAT TURNED OUT EDIBLE!!!!! Huge success. Whats really funny and random, is that I think I used to be this website author's visiting teacher in San Diego. How random is that?!

This amazing frosting. What can I say...I ate it for breakfast today. Do you think its easy gaining 6lbs in one week? NO! It takes effort people!

And tonight - brace yourselves. I am making these.  Thats right. Cookie dough cupcakes. After all, I had to have something baked to slather all that frosting on. (This is my test run before that baby shower I mentioned above. I have to bring a dessert and thought Id give these a try!)

On another food related note - albeit a cuter is what Spencer has been up to these days. FEEDING HIMSELF yogurts. I think he only gets about 1/3 of whatever he is spooning into his actual mouth. But, he gets an A for effort.

I had a video of Brigitte singing Ariels song from little mermaid but it wont load. Ill keep working on it, since I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting to witness first hand her incredible talent.... stay tuned.


K.A.M. said...

Look at you, little prego tornado! All the things you made look amazing! And I wish I lived closer to eat your culinary delights.

You. Go. Girl.

PS: The adoption papers are in for you to become a Jackman, we'll just have to cross our fingers :)

Myca said... glad to have you back and feeling better:) Your body obviously needed some food to keep you running...and you look amazing so I wouldn't worry for a second!
LOVE the changing table. The color is perfect!

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

so fun! those changing pad covers are adorable! are they easy to make? i almost ordered one from dwell today but if i could make it myself that would be so much better!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

YUM! those cupcakes look divine! i hope they turn out good!!!

and..oh!my!gosh!! that changing table is SO SO cute! seriously! you have totally inspired me to redo jaxton' i just have to find the time! i love it!!!!

The Cannons said...

Wowzs, you could send some of your energy over my way. You go girl.

Kristy said...

Seriously Christy. How and why do we not live in the same place? I'm also wondering why we were not better friends in the singles ward. Strange. Anyway, can I just tell you that I love reading your blog! You are hilarious!
Can you believe that we are pregnant again? I still have to remind myself every morning that I am pregnant, although if I would just look in the mirror at my chubby self I wouldn't need reminding!
Thanks for the tip for the ears. I am dragging my kids to the store right now...on foot since Tom has our car. That is how desperate I am for the whining to stop!
Oh, and I love your changing table covers!

Erin said...

A few items of business:
-6 lbs....good job girl!
-your kids are gorgeous
-your changing table is FANTASTIC!
-keep updating,,,i like it!
okay i think that is it.

jayna said...

That change table never looked so good! Spencer is the cutest Beckham-ite EVER! And I'm glad you are full of energy- my girls thank you for it!

Darby Family said...

Your little Spence is one handsome kid. If only he was a little older for my Kate.

Jana said...

Ohh, this gives me hope that my lazy pregnant self will someday have energy again! Although I'll settle for about half of your ambition :).