Wednesday, June 29, 2011

T shirt Baby Gowns! Stop the madness!

Ok, so maybe I need medicated. I have no idea whats up - but my kids were awake at 6 am this morning and so I busted out a little sewing craft. Yesterday I came across this tutorial  showing how to recycle a mens t shirt into a baby gown. And so I kindly convinced my husband to donate at least 50 shirts so I could get started right away...

The first attempt did not turn out so great. Mitzi, dont even look at this ! I have a serious problem with lack of precision. I dont want to take the time to carefully cut out a pattern or measure things or make sure my seams are all lined up before I start sewing. But this little item taught me my lesson! I sewed the gown and THEN i attached the sleeves! WHAT was I even thinking? Have you ever seen the part in sleeping beauty where the fairy who cant sew decides to make the dress? Yeah, it went a little like that. Needless to say, this will go in Brigittes doll dress-ups box! Even Gabe (who may not be the very best person to judge fashion greatness...) LAUGHED at this:

But hey, if anyone out there has a baby with teeny tiny skinny but also reeeeeally long arms...let me know. Ill send this your way asap!

So this morning due to my unfortunate wake up call I got right back on the horse and tried again. And this time I cut out fabric pieces using a pattern and even plugged in an iron when it told me to! And I will admit this, it was MUCH easier. And guess what? You dont attach the arms at all. You SEW THEM into the gown before its pieced together! WHO KNEW?!!! I laughed so hard when I read the directions and was like, yeah - that makes way more sense! Seriously, who tried to sew CLOTHING without reading the pattern/directions?!

But alas, I repented. And Here is what turned up:

This little pink number was the second attempt after the sad 7eleven incident of tuesday. It turned out MUCH better than the first one, but still not completely perfect. And dont worry, the hat is super small and obviously for a newborn - whereas the gown is size 3 months. Please dont imagine that I intended a very small headed baby with a huge body to be the new owner of this little getup. ....

And last but not least: The star of this project! The perfect specimen! And the hat CAN be worn WITH the gown! How did I manage it?! I originally intended this to go to my friend Amy, but after seeing it in all its glory I may be reconsidering....

The little hats were sewn from t shirt sleeves! How brilliant is that? I may need to learn to screen print so I can put a few embellishments on them. But seriously, thats a dang cute easy project!

If the voices in your head are screaming: Enough with the crafts already! Ok ok, I hear you. And as soon as I have completed the following projects I will STOP. I promise!

Homemade Taffy - doing this tonight for the laurel activity. Should be fun! Or disastrous....only time will tell
The slim slack trouser tutorial - this may be above my skill level and probably will never happen....but I think they are so cute!
Pj pants  - I kept trying to find a cute pair of fat maternity pjs and then it dawned on me...duh, make some!
Mr Ginger bean bags! I just think these are kinda funny and cute!

But tell me...what have you been making lately? Give me some good ideas! And for petes sake, if you do nothing else today MAKE THIS PASTA SALAD!  Adobo sauce where have you been all my life?


Sherry Bobbins said...

okay I'm laughing so hard at the long skinny sleeves but seriously what a super creative cute idea! You're brilliant :) and WOW you do have a lot of energy!!! I can't even begin to keep up with you. Maybe I'm going to have to start drinking coke.

The Cannons said...

Those look great. You should see how some of my sewing attempts have turned out. Ridiculous!

Designing Woman said...

I looked at these and thought - adorable, I can do that. Then I read the "easy" tutorial, and now I'm impressed with even the skinny sleeve one. I think I might, maybe be able to cut out the pattern. You've got some skills!

Erica said...

Those are great! I'm also recycling t-shirts right now with this project: