Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rustic Bread - A miracle!

So my random bread baking continues.....

Last week I started craving a nice easy rustic loaf of artisan bread that didnt cost me $8 at the co-op or require me to drive out into the world with my two wild children.

And then I saw an episode of House hunters international where a nice looking Gay couple moved to Estonia and the he-wife spent his days cooking rustic breads in their old brick oven. And I thought to myself: Im not gay, I dont live in Estonia, Ive never even SEEN a brick oven...but there has to be a way!

And so this straight white american girl with ZERO cooking skills stumbled upon the worlds easiest recipe...and youll never believe what happened:

Woah. Major loaf of delicious rustic bread!

And can I just say....I have made  more. And EVERY time they turn out perfectly magazine worthy. I think the ingredients cost about $.50 and it tastes exactly like a loaf of zeppole bread from the farmers market.

In fact I was so impressed with it, that it inspired me to make a batch of blue-raspberry freezer jam to bathe it in. How delightful. I even picked the raspberries myself from the bushes growing in my front yard! (Thanks Shelley!)

I realize that I am like, one hand sewn bonnet away from turning totally Amish these days. But it was SO satisfying to just scratch this up out of my yard and pantry.

So without further ado, let me share this rather impressive loaf with you. So that you too can hear these words from your husband: "Wow honey, did YOU make that?"
Yes darling, its true.

So here is the easy EASY easy tutorial. Youre welcome. This method takes about 15 lazy hours. It only requires 4 ingredients. And you never knead it, not once! Your actual hands on time is roughly 5-10 minutes. By the way, this tells you to bake the bread in some crazy glass bowl or le crueset baking dish....but I busted out a trusty little stock pot and lid courtesy of ikea and it worked like a charm.

*and can I highly suggest a basil cream cheese sandwich with thick slices of garden tomatoes grilled on this bread with about 8 slices of cheese? thank you.


Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

Oh MYYYYYY!!!! I am running {no walking when it comes to carbs in this house!} to my kitchen {where I may or may not have already baked a cake tonight} to start on this madness. I cannot wait to be shoving slices of this in my mouth tomorrow evening! You are my tiny little carb-coma angel. thank you so desperately.

Anna Beal said...

Holy yummy, my mouth is watering...yet I just can't bring myself to try. I'll pay you for a loaf ;)

Andrea said...

Christy. Random blog stalker. I found you via Jessie (lee) Miller whom I knew at BYU...I live in the Boise area too. Anyway. Your blog is HILARIOUS and so I now fully stalk it.

Had to come out of the closet - (keeping to the homosexual theme of this post).

charlotte said...

oh my goodness, oh my goodness!! i simply must make this!!!