Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Parties parties parties

Ive been partying a ton lately.  Planning them, decorating them, searching for cute ideas for them. Its SO much fun.

First, Ive been preparing for girls camp for two solid months and am THRILLED that tomorrow is the day we finally begin the adventure. We are tent camping in Garden Valley and I am looking forward to all the silliness that is sure to be running rampant with 25 hormonal teenage girls and a handful of sleep deprived stressed out leaders. I cant wait! I came up with our theme this year: Mission ImPossible. What is more fun that being sneaky and playing spy games? We are all going as members of the CIA: Celestial Intelligence Agency. All the girls got to pick spy names and I made them these photo ID badges that they are wearing with their camp schedule on a lanyard around their necks:

 Here are our camp shirts I designed, I cant wait to see them in person tomorrow. (The front of ours doesnt have dog tags on it though, and its on a gray shirt with blue writing)

Here is the Emblem from the front up close:

For the craft I was in charge of I made each of the girls a poster of their favorite temple and color, along with our theme this year (the 13th artical of faith). We are mod podging them to spray painted wooden blocks and attaching a ribbon to hang them. I think they are going to turn out super cool. Here was my poster of the Manhattan Temple:

After girls camp I am focusing on Brigittes 3rd birthday. She is WAY into "her party" this year and talks about it everyday. We have been slapping party hats on just about everything around here - even the kittens. We even had to make a party hat for her minnie mouse baby to wear. She is having a Vintage Circus party (remember the baby shower I helped design a few weeks ago?) well, Im recycling tons of the props to make it easy. I mean, what else does one do with a giant giraffe, lion, and zebra??? But of course there will be heaps of girly pink involved. But we are keeping it fairly simple with hot dogs and cotton candy. I'll do a whole post on that after its over - Oh the joys of having a little girl!!! Here is a small preview of bad photos from my phone camera:

In between baby shower excitement, girls camp planning, and Brigitte's birthday stuff, I helped Jory with a super cute Bridal shower she is throwing for a girl in her ward. Her backyard is currently bedazzled with turquoise, diamonds, and yellow for the party tonight. SO CUTE!!! Here are the invites I whipped up. After they were printed, The chandelier had little diamonds glued where the lights would have been. GENIUS. They are so adorable in person. 

Whew. My house currently looks like a Zurchers warehouse. I have piles of tissue paper, boxes of crystals, ribbons, puffs, posters, glue, random stuff EVERYWHERE! All I can say is boy did I marry one supportive guy! I called him this morning requesting a 2 by 4 painted hot pink and a huge wooden sheet of plywood cut into the shape of a tiger. We'll see if he can deliver by monday!

Also, is anyone else horribly alarmed at the floating baby on my sidebar that is getting bigger and bigger....? Or is it JUST ME?  Here I am in all my glory: 25 1/2 weeks.... with the awkward camera phone/mirror trick!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

your belly is SO cute!!! love it! and oh my creativeness!!!! your YW girls are SO lucky to have you in charge of camp this year. i LOVE the temple posters. very cool!

tyler said...

I still don't know where all your energy comes from, but your party skills are mad impressive!!

tyler said...

Oh sad- you wish Tyler read blogs and commented...he doesn't even read our own...yes, this is his wife, of course accidentally commenting while he is logged in gmail.... :)