Monday, August 1, 2011

Home Alone


Gabe and Brigitte headed off to the annual Beal Family Campout at Redfish Lake last night....leaving me and the Mister home to fend for ourselves this week. I must admit at first I was feeling slightly gipped not being able to muster the sanity to go along with them...but the thought of our family tent camping for 4 nights was too much to endure. Just the thought of washing milk bottles from a spicket pump thingy, or traipsing off to the gross toilet situation 3 times a night with a head lamp guiding the way....not to mention the wild animals (my kids) going without naps, balanced meals, or any sort of schedule - it was making me have a seizure just CONSIDERING it.

And so. Here we are. Butters is a fine home companion and I quite enjoy our quality time together. But he misses Brigitte telling him what to do all day and I miss Gabe getting home from work and grilling me up dinner! I guess I will have to abandon all the rules and treat myself to some luxuries. For example my menu this week. It will entail the following meals: pumpkin soup with sage gruyere croutons, baked brie en croute with chutney, squash and goat cheese quesadillas, chicken tikka masala with naan bread, and finally Wild mushroom and spinach lasagna with goat cheese sauce. You may notice a running theme: cheese. I have a problem, non? Its practically why I'm obsessed with french culture. Nothing is more delicious to me than room temperature or melted cheese. Gabe on the other hand does not enjoy eating meals based on foreign cheeses 7 nights a week. Not to mention squashes, pumpkins, things called chutney (I can hear him now, "What in the heck is a CHUTNEY?") or weird Indian spices. Its going to work out nicely me and my cheeses.

As for keeping ourselves entertained, Im open to ideas. I have been quite bored since Brigittes party ended and I have no reason to stay up late gluing anything. There will of course be pedicures, highlights, grays anatomy, and countless trips to Target. Im even considering making some pillows for the living room and our bedroom. But as for taking Spencer out and about for his enjoyment, im pretty limited. He hates to swim, cries at Monkey bizness, and takes 2 naps a day. What else can one do with a 15 month old?? I hope he enjoys walking through Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters ....

What do you do when you have a week all to yourself? And dont even think of saying "clean and organize the house". Ill save that for when Gabes around to do the heavy lifting!


Erica said...

Cheese eating is my go to activity every time I'm home alone! Your meal line-up sounds delicious, enjoy!

Myca said...

Send him to our house....sounds like the perfect plan!

Anna Beal said...

Lets party!!! ;)