Saturday, July 30, 2011

Le Cirque De Brigitte

Our lovely little lady had quite a celebration at her Circus party! She had all her best cousins there and a few friends/neighbors from church. We ate hot dogs and cotton candy, played games, and generally ran amuck in the backyard. I think it was an OK time!

 The Invitations:

Here was the poster I made for the front door:

We had 3 games for the kids to play: Fishing for Ariels treasure (hot pink fishing poles with a line attached for fishing out candy and treasure from behind a hung up sheet!)

Walk the tightrope: Gabe built this genius balance beam structure and the kids held an umbrella and walked to the end for a prize. 

An of course Mr poppins had to show us how its done:

And lastly we made a huge wooden tiger stand up that my adorable/talented niece and nephew painted. None of the pictures of it turned out! I was so sad! But here was the poster. The kids threw bean bags through its mouth for prizes.

Pink Pink Pink. And lots of Crystals. 

Brigitte ran around the yard all day shouting "Oh WOOOOW! MY PAAAARRRRTTTYYY! Its So pretty."

Our darling Brigitte is the light of our lives! She is so full of energy and hilarious conversations that she always keeps us on our toes. She is a wonderful big sister and loves her little Panser so much! She is always calling after him and telling him to CMON! RUN!. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them play so cute together. She is creative and OH SO SMART (if not just a tiny bit stubborn)...and as long as the events in life are HER idea she is happy to go along with them. She doesnt sleep much because who needs sleep when there are clean spaces that need ransacked? Ill never accuse her of being bored thats for sure! Even though she is so full of spice - I tell her at least a hundred times a day that she is SO PRECIOUS! To which she replies, NO. IM BRIGITTE JANE!

Yes, yes you are. 
Happy Birthday Brigitte!


megan&steve said...

I love it all. It was SOO pretty, and entertaining. Great ideas and creativity! You've outdone yourself... again.

Erin said...

what a fun party. I wish I was invited. will you come host my next birthday? So fun. Good work Beals.

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

so cute! love her face and happiness!

jayna said...

It was magical! The umbrella is B's to keep- we got it for her especial since it was carnival perfect. The girls had a great time and everything looked beyond adorable!

The Cannons said...

That was seriously the cutest party ever. I'm pretty sure my daughters wedding receptions won't be that nice, not without a little help from Aunt Christy.

Myca said...

LOVE the picture of her and cute.

Designing Woman said...

This party is out of control adorable!!! LOVE IT! What an awesome idea, a girlie circus!

Alisa said...

That party looks so fabulous! sister and I started a new blog dedicated to and all of the food I've been cooking up. Check it Good to hear from you!