Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh that I were a Celebrity....

Push Presents Revealed (Gabe are you reading along?)

  • Rachel Zoe got a 10 carat Neil Lane diamond ring for pushing out her son Skylar Morrison
  • Tori Spelling got a $1500  Balenciaga Giant Arena Bag for having son LiaM
  • Sarah jessica Parker got a $6,000 charm bracelet after the birth of their son James Wilke.
  • Mariah Carey got a $12,000 necklace studded with diamonds and pink sapphires and engraved with her twins’ names, Moroccan and Monroe.
  • Jenniffer Garner got a diamond ring after the birth of her first daughter Violet. (which she consequently dropped down the blender...explain that to me please?)
  • Liev Schrieber gave Naomi a platinum and diamond locket when their son Alexander was born. 
  • Tom gave Katie an 18k Cartier gold bracelet after Suri was born
  • Jlo apparently got a $300,000 canary diamond ring AND a $2.5 million dollar pair of earrings after her twins Max and Emme were born. I hope she gets to keep them in the divorce! (the jewelry not the kids - I assume she will keep the children!)
  • Even though she paid another woman to PUSH out her second daughter, Nicole Kidman still got a 120k emerald and diamond cross from hubby Keith. 
  • Helena Bonham Carter - never one to stir up jealousy.... got 4 pairs of biker boots from her hubby after the birth of her daughter Nell. I really don't get it. The name Nell OR the boots. But then again I really dont get HER. See photo

So you see, asking for a teensy tiny measley little present like an Ipad really isnt THAT big of a deal! I asked Gabe what he thought an acceptable sum of money would be to spend on a push present. And after 20 seconds of confused silence I defined what "Push Present" meant....and he calmly replied with a shrug:

So there you have it. Apparently my pelvic floor is worth less than a hundred bucks. 

(* I was actually pleasantly surprised at this amount. Its enough for a new pair of postpartum jeans! Ill take it!)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...
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Shawn AND Chelsey said...
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Jana said...

Seriously, Helena Bonham Carter completely mystifies me. And just informed me that Jennifer Garner is pregnant with her third baby, maybe she'll be a tad more careful with whatever Ben presents her with this time!

At least you can legitimately expect/ask for/buy your own 'push present'. I have c-sections, so my dear doctor does ALL the work. Is there such a thing as an 'abdominal surgery present'??

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

you CRACK ME UP!!! And, I just asked Matt how much he would spend on a push present. Following the blank stare/subsequent explanation he replied with, "how about a BABY! Or maybe he pleasure of NOT BEING PREGNANT anymore!!" while snickering in my face- I am a lucky, lucky woman. $75.00 is practically a gold mine!

Anonymous said...

good post...

Anna Beal said...

In this case I am DUE for FOUR "push presents".

Nichole said...

Love it and showing it to Justin...