Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tell me

So edging into my glorious 9th month of pregnancy....I am starting to wonder exactly how this birth is going to go down. For the first time ever I am opting out of an induction. I didnt have a choice with Brigitte ( I had high blood pressure so they took her 3 days early) and with Spencer I elected to have him a week early. Which in retrospect was most likely the reason his birth was slightly traumatic for me. Hence, the decision to just let nature take its course this time.

I have never gone into labor. EVER! Ive never had a fun "my water just broke" moment. I have never felt a natural contraction that wasnt the result of a hideous pitocin drip sending me into the depths of hell repeatedly - without a break for air. So Im wondering...how's this gonna be?

So tell me. All you seasoned veterans out there that have had 3 deliveries.....Was your third baby early, on time, or late? And how fast was your labor with your third in comparison to your first 2 deliveries? And last, did your water break or did contractions send you to the hospital?

I know I know, there is no way for me to know exactly how my experience is going to play out, but Im just curious. Im basically a ticking time bomb now and its so hard to feel unprepared!  So dish out your best advice for me....3 kids is going to be slightly hilarious!


jayna said...

I have one word for you: Lila.

Anna Beal said...

#1...went into labor on my own, bad enough contractions sent me to the hospital.
#2...went into labor on my own, contractions were consistently 10 minutes apart...I probably wouldn't have gone in except I was curious to know if that was the real deal...sure enough...dilated to 5...got the epidural...3 pushes she was out.
#3...had contractions all over the place, decided to see if the "dirty dirty" would do the trick...sure enough...it broke my water...trickled all the way to the hospital (totally gross), got the epidural and pushed a HEAD UP baby for what seemed like FOREVER!
#4...contractions were averaging about 10 to 12 minutes apart...if my Dr. had not been there to pretty much force the nurse to admit me I might have had that baby all nat-u-ral in the hallway.

Brandon & Amber said...

Oh you'll do great! I have always been induced so I have always wondered what it would be like to go on my own too. All my labors were pretty fast and each time I only pushed 3 times and voila they were here! I'm so excited for you to have you baby! :)

Mitzi Cannon said...

With my first 2 my water broke and with number 3 I was induced. It was kind of weird to just go to the hospital without being in labor but it was certainly convenient for getting everything ready and dropping off the kids. If I were you I would try to stick it out until your due date, if the baby hasn't come by then you could see if you can handle waiting longer or you could schedule an induction.

I've never had to time my contractions and I'm still nervous for the next time if I ever have to do that. I swear I will not know when to go to the hospital if it's like that. Plus if Piper is any indication I will feel hardly any pain for hours and then have the baby in minutes. Having a baby outside of the hospital is totally a terrifying thought. I can't believe you are so close. Crazy!

Oh and Piper was my quickest labor.


3rd baby is like a walk in the park! you will have contractions watch a little tv, maybe stroll around the hospital (or the house) change at least one poopy diaper on Spencer, and possibly eat a meal that late while pushing you will wish you had not eaten and after three maybe four pushes the little bundle will fall out....THEN YOU WILL NAME HIM LANDON!!!!!