Monday, October 3, 2011

My great guy

Happy Birthday to my hunk o burnin love who turned the big 35 on Sunday! I can't believe it either. This means I have known and loved my Gabe for officially 5 years. Thats nuts considering we have 3 (almost) kids now. Apparently we live life in fast forward....but like my dad always said - when I make a decision Im not one to doddle! So here is to my partner in crime, who loves his family (old and new) more than anything. I would be a disaster without him and Im SO HAPPY he picked me to be in this crazy world with!!!!

A list of 35 of my favorite things about Gabe:
1. His laugh - its big, addicting, and ALWAYS easy to come by.
2. His crafty side - if he were a woman our house would be quilted, embellished, hot glued, and bedazzled to the nines. This guy LOVES to create beautiful things for our home. The fence. Our kitchen table. And now a playroom addition. I have a whole post on this coming up.....
3. Hes a shopper. Call it worldy, vain, what you will. But I appreciate that when we go to nordstroms he doesnt pick a chair and sit down to hold my purse. I head to the jeans, he goes straight for the shoes. In this way we are best friends and he is my FAVORITE shopping partner by far.
4. Hes a traveller. If we had more money, time, and less pretty sure we would be globetrotting. I cant wait for our BIG trip next fall!!!! Destination  still to be determined....
5. The way he dances. It defies explanation. Have you ever seen Elaine from seinfeild? Kinda similar, but with more hips :)
6. Hes a mad scientist in the kitchen. If hes in a mood to make chili (which he is in, every fall....) he will spend 4 hours dicing, chopping, and creating a masterpiece....and then he will slowly live on it for the next 6 months (while I pay the price and have to tolerate the neverending gas problem that ensues....)
7. Hes a tradition maker. He likes to do things the same way every time with his family to make it memorable and special. This is a beal family trait - his prents were excellent tradition makers!
8. Hes an eater. Which goes great with me, because im a cooker.
9. Hes a BABY LOVER! If it were Gabe's uterus doing all the work im pretty sure we would have about 15 kids. There would be no stopping him. He just loves family and playikng with the kids. I think because hes an eternal kid himself :)
10.  Hes a sensitive soul. Gabe has enough feelings for our whole family. Hes not above an occasional oprah moment, and I can always talk him into a service project. He is truly christlike in this way. If he sees a need - he just goes and takes care of it. I love that.
11. Hes a PARTY ANIMAL! I dont like to be alone, andneither does gabe. We always opt to invite someone over, cook a bunch of food, and enjoy the friday nights of our lives.
12. He has excellent taste in music and movies. When we get in the car I can always count on him enjoying a little emotional breakup music and a nice couple of hours with harry and sally.
13. He washes his hands like a little raccoon every time he eats fast food because he doesnt like his fingers to smell. I can appreciate that!
14. He likes to spend quality time playing with the kids. I love that he always wants to take the kids with him when he runs to home depot or lowes, and I always get a picture text of them holding tools, wearing baseball caps, and sitting in the cart that looks like a truck.
15. He is fearless. Hand him a microphone and stand back.....
16. He can laugh at himself, and doesnt mind if I laugh too. Never one to take things too seriously, and generally is always the one to apologize first in a fight.
17. He is a capable jeopardy player...if the topic is sports
18. He likes our project runway and grays anatomy date nights , even though its only because we sit next to each other.
19. He loves to eat out. I can always call him up and say lets go to gandolfos! And he will say YES!
20. Hes outdoorsey - but not granola. I love that he will go fishing, but then come home and put on a pair of diesels.
21. He appreciates great artwork. Once I came home an found that he had hung up a framed picture and adjusted the lighting above it so it looked great! hilarious! We have also taken many a stroll through various art galleries. He never whined once on our honeymoon when we spent hours daily looking at Van goghs, Monets, and Degas'.
22. He has just the right amount of vanity about him. I might have waxed his eyebrows last week....
23. He likes to cook his own thanksgiving dinner
24. He likes what he likes, and knows what he doesnt. I ave given up trying to talk him into wearing True Religion jeans. he just WONT do it!
25. Before a vacation he tries on outfits before he packs them. Just to make sure they look great.
26. He takes spiritual things seriously when its necessary. He might not be super holy ghosty but he is always worthy and ready to step up.
27. His favortie pastime is flexing his arm muscles. Seriously.
28. Even though he cant spell....he is somehow a math wizard! In fact once he bought a book of story problems to do on an airplane. which baffled me.
29. He is always up on celebrity gossip. He was actually the one to text me when Anna Nicole died. then again, this might be a red flag, Im not sure!
30. He thinks im super hot, even when im 9 months pregnant, sleep deprived, grouchy, and in the same stretch pants from yesterday. I guess thats why our marriage works!
31. He is a GREAT teacher and public speaker. Very entertaining, full of hilarious stories, and completely captivating. Just ask the kids from his sunday school class.
32. I think people really love Gabe because he is a very come as you are person to hang with. Very easy going and chill.
33. Hes consistent. When we go on a road trip he wants cinnamon bears, a big hunk, and a Mountain Dew. And on Sundays, he wants a roast.
34. He has some of the best Uncle Rico moves youve ever seen. State track video circa 1992 anyone?
35. And last but not least....Gabe is a GREAT kisser. Just ask any of your college roommates.

Love ya babe!
Starting the adventure in style! 

Snuggling our two babies. Brigitte on the left Spencer on the right. Sometimes...I think they thought HE was their mother. 

The kids LOVE their Daddy. Brigitte calls him "My dad," as in mom, wheres my dad? Is my dad home? And as soon as he walks in the door from work, Spencer is ready to go outside and play ball. He cries if Gabe leaves the room without him!

I cry if Gabe leaves the room without me too. I only knew I really loved him when I realized I didnt want to go anywhere social or be out with other people unless he was going to be there. I figured you want to spend your life with the person who makes it the best for you, and Gabe does just that for me!

Happy Birthday Gabe!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

aww, sweetest post i've read today!!! i LOVE the kissy picture at the bottom!!

happy birthday, gabe! we've never met, but i like your sis and your you've got to be top notch :)

Maren said...

Happy Birthday Gabe! You two were meant to be, that's for sure.

Mitzi Cannon said...

I love your blog posts. So great. Happy Birthday Gabey Babey.

Myca said...

I LOVED this post. :)

Sherry Bobbins said...

oh, so sweet!!! Loved the post!
Happy Birthday Gabe!!!
Dan says come on up and split some wood :)

Erin said...

Good fun post. Happy Birthday Gabe!
Christy you are HOT! I can NOT attest to gabes kissing BUT i have seen him bust out the microphone and he DOES indeed "go for it". WORD.

megan&steve said...

Happy Birthday to GABE!! You two are such a great package deal. So super sweet and thoughtful, talented....on and on.

jayna said...

After reading your list it made me realize even more that you found your perfect match! Happy Birthday Gabe!