Friday, December 2, 2011

I've Been Threatened with Socks!

Sorry Ladies- It's just me, Gabe. I've been reproached for not providing a letter to Santa, so here it goes....

Dear Santa (Dan, Sherry, and Christy),

I have missed you this year. Why don't you drop things off more often? I've been rather good, nearly perfect, so it's gonna cost ya. I'll start off small and then really let you know what I'm worth.
1.Ironically I wouldn't mind a few new socks or nosocks.
2. The Redskins are once again awful, but I remain committed. I'd proudly sport this beauty any Sunday afternoon with the curtains drawn.
3. We can all laugh at the idea that someday I may get serious about working out, so any of these might be nice.
4. Fishing gear is always welcomed. I've had my eye on this for awhile.
5. Although I'm quite sure that back in '82 I could out run a cougar or wrestle a bear, it wouldn't hurt to have a back-up plan.
6. But seriously who needs to ever run if you've got one of these babies.

Thanks Santa. I'll try not to eat all the cookies that the kids leave out for you.



Dear Christy,

There is so much I want to say about this list first off I am so glad to see you married such an outdoorsman! Second of all I can't help but feel embarassed by Gabes extesive knowledge of blogging, I don't even know how to post a link in my blog, that is sad...And last but, not least I couldn't help but notice that great motorcycle did not have a price anywhere on the link, that must mean it is perfectly affordable and I am most certain you will be picking up a matching set this year for the holidays????

so cute Gabe that you started with socks and ended with a motorcycle that's a broad range list it really gives the "Santa" a good choice selection...

Sherry said...

Wonderful! Well, I don't know about the gun or motorcycle - I don't think Santa has room for these items in his sleigh...