Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dear blog,

Its me, Christy.

We have been up to lots of nothing lately. In fact I have no idea what I even DO all the time. I feel like im constantly busy, and yet when I reflect on my week I feel like I have nothing to report. I dont have tons of ambition because it never gets sunny outside and I never leave my house unless absolutely necessary! I guess the days blur together into endless episodes of Dance Moms, Grays Anatomy,Project Runway, and the Bachelor.

Speaking of the Bachelor, a group of girls from my ward have been getting together every thursday night at 9pm to watch it. We rotate houses and stay up WAY passed our bedtime. Its been fun like college nights all over again, and the food makes it even better. Youd think snacking from 9-12 at night would make you feel gross, but take it from me, it doesnt! It takes us forever to finish an episode because we talktalktalk way too much. (Also, is everyone loving Courtney the unibrow skank? ( who looks JUsT like the ugly stepsister from shrek by the way)! Man, I love her she is so ridiculous! I hope Ben picks her because he is a DOPE!)

In other vitally important TV news, The Oscars are just around the corner. I pretty much cant wait and already have the fondue in my fridge just waiting for me to eat it all by myself for 5 straight hours. There is just NOTHING better than mocking people who THINK they look awesome. Im telling you, the red carpet feels just like Christmas morning to me.

Thursday is my big day of the week because not only do I have girls night, but a few of my friends and I go to Carleen Tanners parenting class. Shes pretty famous in the Mormon circles as our very own Michelle Duggar, being the wise all knowing mother of 10 that she is. I heard about her class through Mitzi who took it like 4 years ago. Since I have one child that really stresses me out, and two others that are pretty high maintenance, I figured it was time to stop winging it and really get down to business. The class has been super fun and I look forward to it every week. It gives me something to constructively DO to help myself be a decent mother. Im not even shooting for GOOD mother, just decent. Its damage control most days around here, so Ive loved getting new ideas and techniques on how to make it FUN and less stressful. Not to mention nipping all their bad habits in the bud NOW instead of letting them grow up into bratty teenagers! My favorite part so far was learning how to decode my kid's personalities and parent them individually according to their strengths or weaknesses. For example Brigitte is YELLOW, which means social. Everything is a game to her and she lives life in la la land. It recommended turning things into a game and pretending that everything was FUN FUN FUN! Its been working much better than screaming at her to LISTEN AND OBEY! Which she never does! Spencer is a Blue, so he is much more emotional and structural, and it gave different guidelines for him. I also found out that I am YELLOW! Just like Brigitte~ and my weaknesses are being too permissive and not taking the time to teach my kids, so Ive been working on that. Overall its been really enlightening. Im glad I enrolled and I plan on taking it every semester!

Last weekend my sweet friend Lexy (Who I had in YW when she was a laurel!) got married and I helped her with some reception decorations. She did a peacock feather theme and it was SO cute! My neighbor Lindsay got roped into helping me and we spent about 6 hours one night making all the flower bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids. It was an experience let me tell you! I am NOT a florist. I think they turned out really cute considering we had no IDEA what we were doing! I only sustained one severe hot glue gun burn, so all in all it was a success! Gabe and I were able to attend the wedding in the Twin Falls temple, so it was great to get away for the day. We left all 3 kids with my parents who probably lost their minds. Poor Benett wouldnt take the bottle from my Mom so he hadnt eaten ALL day! But he never cried and was good anyway. Have I mentioned how I love him?!

Spencer has started CLIMBING everything! He climbs out of his crib and we battle him constantly to stay in bed. Not to mention that he climbs into cupboards, drawers, trunks, and pretty much anywhere else his little body will fit. I came downstairs after showering the other morning and he had climbed up onto the island and poured out a pitcher of lime-aid that was on the counter. I am still trying to mop up the sticky mess. You can always tell where he is because you hear the stool dragging around where ever he goes! I had to strap him into his high chair today because he stands on the tray now. He climbs into the baby swing and buckles himself in and says WEE WEEEEE! Also when I yell his name: SPENCER! He responds with NO NO NO! And wags his little finger in the air with a smile. He is still super scrawny and I am taking him in to the Dr to see what to do about his weight. He might need to see a GI specialist to determine if he has a food allergy that could be to blame. We cant get him to eat very many things so I worry about him. Plus he gets sick a lot and loses weight because he doesnt feel like eating. Anyway, Hes so adorable and little and crazy right now in the terrible twos. He definitely wears us out!

Brigitte is just entering the question asking phase of life. "Mom, should I eat this snack? Who made this computer? Whered you buy that? Who buyed that? Where did it get made at?" She is also way into meat products and what animal they are. About Bacon: Mom, are we eating the pigs now?" About hamburgers: "Mom, is there a cow in there?". Sometimes I dont know how honest I should be with her! Shes too smart sometimes! Her imagination doesnt just RUN wild - it GALLOPS. As Lindsay and I were making flower bouquets the other night, Brigitte and Linsdays daughter Reese were upstairs playing. All of a sudden Gabe shrieks for me to hurry upstairs and what do we find? Two little girls COVERED in dark purple glitter nail polish! They had painted themselves along with all the play dishes and food, the bed, the carpet, the tv and tv stand, and two big ride on toys. The smell alone probably killed 80% of their brain cells. I could NOT believe what a mess they had made! We had to spend 40 minutes soaking their hands and everything in acetone and there is STILL nail polish lingering places. I was too crazed and shocked to take pictures but I should have! It was a sight to see.

Valentines day was super fun and Gabe and I went to see woman in black. I love me a good scary movie and this one was really good! We went with Jayna and Tyler and I thoroughly enjoyed watching two very tall people huddle and scream together beneath a teeny tiny scarf. We took Benett with us and he watched half the movie with huge eyes and my hands over his ears, and then slept the other half - what a guy! Hes the BEST baby. We just love him to pieces. If you even LOOK at him he grins. He also like to suck on blankets, which is strange. But Caroine used to do it too, so it wasnt too alarming. Every time I go in to check on him he is sound asleep with a satin edge stuck in his mouth. At least its not a binky or his thumb! Maybe he will be our one kid without the need for major orthodontics! He look so much like Brigiite to me:

The only other thing I have been up to is major sewing. Bibs, blankets, and burp cloths. My new sewing machine I got for Christmas is so so awesome that I look forward to my late night dates with it after the kids go to bed! Ive had so many friends have babies lately that I cant be stopped! Its been lots of fun and my one secret desire is to take a sewing class and learn how to sew my own clothes. Namely dresses. It shoudlnt be that hard, but for me who cant be bothered to iron, pin, or measure anything during the sewing process it is much harder than it looks!

Hmm. thats it I guess. Sorry for the random post and lack of cool pictures. But yay for me for posting!


jayna said...

Tyler was so surprised that you posted something he shouted: "SHUT THE F UP!"

That movie was really good. And fun. Thanks for inviting us to do fun things and keeping us from our 60 year old tendencies.

Lisa Stewart said...

Love your blog christy! Keep posting!!!

Sherry said...

I LOVE your LONG post!!! I know how crazy busy you are and I'm glad you make the time to hang out with girlfriends and watch The Bachelor! I quite dislike Courtney as well. She's awful. I am losing respect for Ben because he likes her! Oh well, that's entertainment for you. Can't wait for your Oscar post!!! It's always a good time! Love you and hope your kids are well soon. I'll doctor them up with my new Essential Oils!

megan&steve said...

A fun fact. Courtney Robertson was childhood friends with my very own sista Heather. She went to elem, middle and highschool with Courtney. My mom started watching the show even, since she would drive Heather to Courtneys birthday parties etc. I didn't know her that well, but she wasn't as confident as she is now on TV. I think every tv show has a villan and they've made it out to be her.
You ROCK!!! Thanks for bloggin

Jana said...

Dear Christy,

It's me, Jana. I love when you blog.

The End.

A couple of my good friends go to Sister Tanner's class too! Maybe some Thursday I'll tag along and see your cute self in person. Also, I second your mom in excitement regarding your after-Oscars fashion post. Also, your kids are darling, although I will now have nightmares involving purple nail polish and lime-aid. I hate stickiness. Also, that bouquet looks amazing! Seriously impressed.

Charissa said...

Hi, you don't know me, but Jory told me about your blog and that I should check it out. She was right. You are funny. Sorry about the nail polish episode. Not fun.

The Cannons said...

Okay I know we've said this before but you know we are family and we should hang out more and we really should get together and do some serious damage crafting. That's all I'm saying!