Monday, February 20, 2012

An obsession gone awry

Remember when I found a recipe for Caulliflower Brie soup and became obsessed with it about a month ago? No, you dont remember? Well it happened. And since then I have enjoyed this soup A LOT.

Now, however, I will probably never eat it again.

Yesterday since I was home with 3 sick kids all day I decided to make a big batch of this to eat all this week. Its super healthy and tastes like creamy divinity so its a win win. I scrubbed my cauliflower, chopped it up, sauteed it, added an onion and broth, blended it in a blender, and then sat down with a HUGE bowl of it. (Like a mixing bowl. Because I am disgusting.)

As I sat there perusing pinterest and simultaneously shoveling soup in my mouth, I was feeling pretty good about life. About 30 minutes went by. Me. the soup. Pinterest.

And then I saw it.
On my spoon. Inches away from my open mouth.

EYES. LEGS! So many legs! 

It was learly trying to kill me. I turned into Rainman and started saying over and over again : oh no! oh NO! OH NO! I ran to the sink and dumped out my huge bowl that only had like 5 bites left in it.

How on earth did the little demon escape my washing, sauteing, and BLENDING??? And all I could think was: how many more of you were there? If there was one, there was probably two, right???

Lesson learned:
Even if you think its clean - WASH IT AGAIN!

This is what I get for trying to eat healthy. Dang you weight watchers!!!!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oh my gosh i would seriously die!!!! ugggh! just reading the story gave me the creeps!

jayna said...

After the jalapeno story and now this, I can never eat your delicious cooking again...

Sherry said...

the same thing happened to me and Kallie with Broccoli. I washed it in a bowl for like 10 minutes, then Kallie cut it up and washed it again. We steamed it and put it in a bowl and started dishing it up when I noticed a big fat (probably extra big due to steaming it) white worm! Seriously gross!!! We have no idea how come it didn't wash out. Needless to say no one wanted broccoli that night!