Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brigitte started preschool a few weeks ago and I have been meaning to post these cute pictures of her in her GIANT back pack. When we went shopping for it she knew exactly what she wanted: a purple princess one. Its hideous but she loves it! She was mad at me for putting her hair in a pony tail, hence her hands in her mouth. But I LOVE her hair pulled back out of her face and I made her wear it cute for school. Dont worry, shes back to looking totally homeless for school now that the novelty has worn off!

I found this  church preschool program through my friend Lindsay and went and checked it out a few weeks ago so i could enroll Brigitte for the fall semester after she turns 4. I was really impressed with everything, and then found out they had one spot still open right now for the Monday Wednesday afternoon 3 year old class. So we went ahead and put her in. She is SO bored at home so its mostly for the socialization and art projects. It did make me laugh though, when she brought her little progress report home and it said that she was still working on counting to 10 and learning her shapes. Brigitte can count to at least 20 and knows what a crescent shape and a hexagon are. I think she is so shy at school that she wont speak. We'll have to work with her on that!

In other exciting news, I have been in a sewing flurry since I got my new machine for Christmas. Mitzi came over and taught me these PInterest booties and they seriously ate my soul. I was so glad to finish one pair, and then I didnt think they were very cute so I made another pair. The really hilarious thing is that EVERYONE I know is having a BOY! So these were gifted to a friend of a friend and Im glad they finally found a home!

I have also sewed about a million burp cloths for various friends. These are such a fun easy little project to get done during naptime. I bet Ive made 20 of them in the past 2 weeks. 

Bibs are another thing I love to sew. Ironically none of my babies have EVER needed bibs so I gave away all the ones I had when I was pregnant with Benett. They seemed to just take up tons of space in my drawer. And then I had Benett, who of course, decides to be a spitter upper.  Someday when all my presents are finished I will sew some for him!

The other crafty thing I did recently was for Valentines day. My sister gave me this adorable jar paper set from Cath Kidston for Christmas so I made homemade caramel sauce and gave it to the girls I visit teach and a few friends and neighbors. They turned out pretty cute (and delicious if I do say so myself!)

I have one parenting class left and I have loved implementing lots of Sister Tanner's methods and techniques. In the second class she talked about the 4 legs of the table, which are: scripture study, prayer, temple attendance, and FHE. This being the foundation of all things in the home means it needs to be EXACT and prioritized accordingly. So for the past 2 months we have done almost 100% on those 4 things as a family. Everything is pretty chaotic with our 3 screaming kiddos running circles around us as we read the scriptures every night....but Brigitte and Spencer can now say the words Jerusalem, destruction, and brethren without batting an eye. Plus listening to Brigitte's HILARIOUS prayers have been truly entertaining. "Bless mom that she will get out of bed." priceless.

Here are the Kids making temples for FHE out of pantry clean out. Beans and cold cereal and glue.  

Spencer mostly ate his....which is weird because I cant ever get him to eat a meal. 

And Brigitte's love affair with glue continues....

Brigitte is our Ipad queen. She can work an app like nobodys business. Ive had to be very careful to monitor how much time she spends on there and what her little fingers click on. Im pretty sure I need to get her an old  ipod touch off craigslist so she can only play the educational games I choose for her instead of risking her surfing the internet unsupervised ( not that she does this, just that I fear its not far off). Shes SO SMART and soaks up everything like a sponge. She is just starting to write and sound out letters and really love reading books. Every night she begs for just one more story. Sometimes if Im lucky she will tell me a story and her imagination is so wild! The other night she told me that Pocahontas lived at Redfish lake and when it gets dark out we will do fireworks and eat marshmallows. I love this girl!

Here are my boys playing together. Spencer had a little zhu zhu pet mouse and he was running it across the tray for Benett and they were having a great old time until I interrupted them with my camera! I cant wait for Benett to get a little bigger so they can be best buds. Although Im guessing this will double the trouble (and nudity) in our home, so maybe its ok that hes small and immobile right now!

Benett is our little happy Bubbs. He is ALL smiles and flubber and is completely content ALL the time. If you look at him he grins and grins. He always has his fingers in his mouth and if you laugh, he laughs! Hes SO easy. If he gets fussy I put him in his crib and he sleeps for such long naps during the day that sometimes I have to go make sure he is still alive.

And If you ignore Benett for more than 10 minutes...this is the result.

Ahh sleep. I remember you! (vaguely). Well that was our past few weeks in a nutshell! Im off to bed.


Emily said...

Ah, I love pictures of sleping babies. I was just telling Andrea if we don't get together soon, I will burst- and not because I need pizza at her house after Sunday either! I miss you so much! Talk to you soon!

jayna said...

He is such a little cutie! All of them are, it's true!

Jamie said...

He is adorable. ALMOST makes me want to risk having another ten pounder... but not quite yet. I'll try not to look at too many more pictures of his cute baby rolls so I can keep myself from getting baby hungry. :)

If it helps, I read scriptures to my kids at breakfast (while they are stuck and still for a minute). Grace asks about a million questions, but she soaks up way more when she's trapped (bored) and I'm reading than when we did it at bedtime with her crawling all over me.

The Cannons said...

We need to do a crafting day again, you know since it was so successful last time. (4 things cut out in 4 hours). Anyway go to settings on your ipad and put it on airplane mode before you give it to Brigitte, that way she can't get on the internet but can still play.

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Anonymous said...

christy, I love my sweet gifts you made me, and cannot go anywhere without being asked where I got them! You need to start a little business friend! I need to get the recipie from you for the dinner you brought me....i am signed up to take a meal to a family and would like to ditto yours. thanks miss christy! bonnie

Erin said...

Christy you are sooo talented. I love my burp cloths you made. I get compliments all the time. I think Miles and Bennett would be fast friends. I have a sleeper on my hands too. Im sure it will change soon, but i swear he sleeps more than most. happy day!